January 25, 2008

We Love You, Nana

When our boat tipped a few months back my mother offered immediately for the kids and I to come and stay with her for a while. I was reluctant only because she is, as I have mentioned, of a certain age and hello - I have three very active little kiddos. But, I am very blessed and happy to say that we took her up on her offer and have been living with her for almost two months now. It's wonderful.

This is not the first time Judy has opened her home to us. About 5 years ago when we were moving back to Ohio from Kentucky, she offered for us to stay until we got settled here. So, my husband stayed behind to sell our house and the boys (then almost 2 and 5 months) and I moved in with Nana. Aside from the occassional trampling, jelly on the couch, and formula spit up all over Nana's carpet (so sorry, Mom!), we made it work. :) As a result, my boys have an amazing connection with my mother and that makes me so happy.
And I am thankful.

Last night I was giving the boys their showers upstairs. I looked down from the catwalk and saw Nana reading Us Magazine to Mabel.

As you can see, both queen Molly and Moo were very interested in how Katie Holmes continues to defend that man that used to be so good looking.

This morning, Nana took a picture of Mabel and me before I left for work. Thanks, Mom.

So I returned the favor.

This one is my favorite.

Look out, World. Jeesh - look at those eyelashes!

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