January 18, 2008

*Whispers* He's Reading, Just Don't Tell Him You Know

Because we moved halfway through this schoolyear, I was unsure if Andy would bridge the gap between the two schools' philosophies and learn to read. After all, Trevor did - they did phonics work at their old school and it was a phenomenal way to get them reading. But how would Andy fare having been ripped away from the phonics and stuck with ordinary M says "mmmm" junk? I kept waiting for take-home reading assignments like Trevor had last year at this point, that he muddled through for practice, and there have been none. I kept waiting for a stack of flash cards full of sight words that have to be memorized - nope.
Honestly, I was beginning to get just a tad bit worried even though, secretly, I think Andy has known how to read for a couple of months now at least. If you stuck a book in front of him, he wouldn't read it or show very much ability to even try... but if you snuck up on him in front of the cable TV menu, a favorite movie cover, or even paid attention as you were driving down the road, you would hear him say things like, "look, we're on Central Avenue" or "Hooter's is open, Mom." Hmmm. Then he started looking at food packages and said things like, "Hey, Mom, I can spell 'crackers' and then he would spell it (not realizing that he'd just read 'crackers' in the first place).
Andy has always done this. Always has to do something on his own time and show you when HE was ready for you to know - walking, pottying, all of it. Sneak up on him and you'll catch him doing it. Ask him if he can and NO WAY!
And here we are again. Except here he must have felt ready because the child came home from school, sat down at the kitchen table with a book from his backpack and promptly started reading. Then he picked up a second book and he read that one, too.

e was so proud when I busted him for reading. :)

He is SUCH a stinker. But man, oh man, do I ever love him.

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  1. There's a boy that knows his own mind ; )