February 28, 2008

**News Flash** I Am a DORK.

In case you didn't know already. I have always been and always will be a complete dork.

So yesterday I ran to Wendy's to grab a fish sandwich and baked potato. I went through the drive through and asked for my extra sour cream and butter when ordering, and then reminded them at the window when I didn't get them in my bag. That's neither here nor there, just a might bit frustrating because they do it every dang time.

I brought my lunch back to the office and settled into my cube to work and eat (something I do every day). After washing my hands and unwrapping my sandwich, I sat down to eat. What follows next is what the guy sitting in the cube next to me overheard.

*rustling, cursing, and unwrapping noise*

*keyboard and mouse clicking*

*sudden LOUD spoogy, slurpy, farting noise*

*me, gasping out loud*

*me, laughing hysterically*

*me, running past his cube, still laughing, and into the next cube of my friend*

Me: "Friend, do you have any napkins?" Still laughing hysterically. "I've made a mess."

(She didn't have any but offered me a few tissues.)

The look on his face as I walked back by was priceless and humiliating at the same time. And it didn't occur to me that he might have been offended or grossed out or even interested in what I'd been doing over here. Maybe I should tell him so he doesn't assume I'm a pig.

No, I did not crap my pants if that's what you were wondering. Nor did I make tootie like Mabel always does.

I was sitting there all innocent-like and opening the first triangular carton of sour cream. I tore carefully where it said ---tear here---. I squeezed gently and nothing happened. So I squeezed a little less gently and still nothing. Finally, I squeezed with some good effort and the back of the carton EXPLODED with a noise not unlike sounds I make the morning after too many Jaeger Bombs. Runny sour cream splatted past my elbow and onto my computer monitor, keyboard, docking station, and desk. I gasped from shock and then fell over, laughing at myself. Clearly I needed some napkins. I had made a mess.


I wonder where I get it from?

February 27, 2008

Hello, Lovah

*spoken in my most Carrie Bradshaw-like voice*

I want to marry this lens. It's a fixed 50mm, 1.4 lens for my digital Rebel XTi. I am in LOVE. A coworker lent me this lens over the weekend so that I could play and decide, ultimately, if I was going to go without food and clothing for a few weeks in order to buy it. The answer is yes. My children went to school starving and without clothes on this morning.

Kidding aside, I HAVE to have this lens (also considering as an alternate the fixed 85 - must play at camera store). And best of all, when I used this lens I fell in love with my kiddos all over again. Pictures can just do that to you. It took me a bit to get used to the aperture and focus, so some of the shots I took were blurry (and I learned later that I wasn't doing it quite right, but I don't care). I still loved the blurry ones too much to delete. Here are my favorites.

I'm in love with her little elf ears.

Hee, hee. Ornery.

And in case you think I only take pictures of Mabel...

I can't wait to scrap this one. Andy is in motion all. the. time.

Whew. This is only a fraction of the photos I shot. Holy Batman, I took almost 400 of them.
Which do you like best?

February 25, 2008

Finished Products

Princess Mabel's Princess Paste

Two weekends worth of scrapbook pages (some re-do's included here)
First up, one of my MOST FAVORITE pages, EVER

An old one of baby Andy that never got scrapped

This shot came out really blurry, what a shame

More pictures coming later!

February 22, 2008

Princess Paste

I have an illness. It's called obsessive creativity. I can't help it, I've always had it.

I am an only child (well, I have two step brothers who were adults when I was born and who don't keep in touch at all, unfortunately). So I was bored and lonely. A lot. To battle this, I used that good ole' stand by: imagination.

Many a night I would elaborately design papercrafted menus for my mom and dad before dinner. I wrote entire plays and musicals and then strung my stuffed friends up with fishing line from my canopy bed and had them hop along as I read aloud (they had costumes and sets, Folks). I made a puppet stage complete with curtains and called my parents in to watch a late night puppet show by flashlight. I made clothes for my stuffed animals (no patterns - I eyeballed it) whenever I'd visit my granny. To pass the time, I'd draw pictures of houses - each and every brick - along with floorplans for the interior floors.

Then as I got older, the organization and list-making illness took hold. Lists of clothes and supplies to take to summer camp, prepared 6 weeks early. A diagram of my locker interior and where each supply would go. Binders for college, getting married, and having a home. I've always papercrafted cards now and then, and often made homemade beauty creams, too. Hmmmmm... imagination. That's what I call it anyway, lol.

So, naturally when the doctor recently told me that Moo needed special homemade diaper cream, my mind went into overdrive. It's 1/2 and 1/2 corn starch and Phillip's Milk of Magnesia. Easy. I set out to make one batch for home and one batch for daycare. Only I couldn't bring myself to just stick it into a Gladware container with her name written in Sharpie marker. Are you kidding? I found myself wandering Target yesterday until I'd found the perfect solution. I wanted little tubs for the cream but all they had in the travel aisle were those cheapy plastic bottles. That wouldn't do at all. So I searched until I found little tubs of cream in the cosmetics clearance section that were perfect. Their labels came off easily and $3 each wasn't too much to spend on an adorable container for my homemade butt cream. When I got home I removed the labels and the lotion (couldn't even tell you what kind it was honestly) and ran the tubs through the dishwasher. Today I made labels.

Here are the imaginative designs I came up with for the front and back labels.
I told you I was ill.

February 20, 2008

A New Love

Oh, it's been a while since I've felt this inspired. Oh my goodness. The felt barrettes I made last month can't TOUCH this!
I stumbled upon a new blog today, Sugar City Journal (http://www.sugarcityjournal.blogspot.com/) and I swooned until the cows came home, got up, and swooned again.

I file>saved so many images for inspiration. Here is some of the goodness that is making me randy today (all photos from Sugar City).

First, baby clothes. Oh how I'd love for Mabel to have some homemade garments. I've always dreamed of making the time to fashion a pillow case smock for her to wear. Maybe all of these gorgeous duds will motivate me to try!

The bibs look so straightforward. I really want to make time to try these soon.

And dollbaby clothes. Moo doesn't even have a real dollbaby yet (she will come Easter, I'm hoping - shhhhh) but seeing these images and reading about how easy this was to do just makes me want to do it!!!

Handmade clothes for the little stuffed animals from OompaToys/Jellycat. Oh be still my heart. Mabel needs one of these mice (or her mother does anyway).

And even home ideas.