February 27, 2008

Hello, Lovah

*spoken in my most Carrie Bradshaw-like voice*

I want to marry this lens. It's a fixed 50mm, 1.4 lens for my digital Rebel XTi. I am in LOVE. A coworker lent me this lens over the weekend so that I could play and decide, ultimately, if I was going to go without food and clothing for a few weeks in order to buy it. The answer is yes. My children went to school starving and without clothes on this morning.

Kidding aside, I HAVE to have this lens (also considering as an alternate the fixed 85 - must play at camera store). And best of all, when I used this lens I fell in love with my kiddos all over again. Pictures can just do that to you. It took me a bit to get used to the aperture and focus, so some of the shots I took were blurry (and I learned later that I wasn't doing it quite right, but I don't care). I still loved the blurry ones too much to delete. Here are my favorites.

I'm in love with her little elf ears.

Hee, hee. Ornery.

And in case you think I only take pictures of Mabel...

I can't wait to scrap this one. Andy is in motion all. the. time.

Whew. This is only a fraction of the photos I shot. Holy Batman, I took almost 400 of them.
Which do you like best?

1 comment:

  1. Although your baby girl is so adorable I've got to say my favorite is the 2nd from the bottom...the boys laughing. I just love laughing photos.