February 13, 2008

Indelible Ink

One day, when I was 19 years old and my boyfriend was away on a Navy cruise ship, I decided to get a tattoo. I went with a friend to a small hole-in-the-wall place on the wrong side of town (that looked perfectly reputable in my 19 year old eyes) and asked the tattoo artist to sketch me up a butterfly that looked like a heart, along with some scrolly things. I should have known the tattoo wouldn't hold up well when the tattoo artist told me to call her Mother Earth as I choked on the patchouli smell in the shop.

That was.... many years ago.

My green bohunk butterfly has been needing an update for a long time.

Lulu and I passed pictures of cool tats back and forth for weeks. I liked the idea of a newer less-bohunky sort of butterfly, but I didn't want to be another girl with a butterfly tattoo. I thought of flowers, vines, all sorts of things. Finally, I came to birds. From time to time I thought of my kiddos as 'Andy-bird' and so on... so I liked that.

Then I thought of one of my favorite verses.

His eye is on the sparrow.

Oh yes, it would have to be birds. Three of them, representing my three birds.

While I was in Da Plains, Min and I found two "suggested" places for tattoos. The first was a place called Skin & Bones. We set off on Saturday morning with our most wrong-doin' duds on, all bad-assed like (refer to previous post and note Melinda's Pink Floyd tee shirt) on our way to Skin & Bones. The place is a remodled church. The staff was unfriendly, uncomfortable, and unwilling to even sketch anything up for us. They were tattoo snobs. I never knew there was such a thing, but they totally were. So, poo poo on you, Skin & Bones. I rate you as an awful experience and I am very thankful I didn't let you ink me. Probably would have ended up with another bohunk tragedy. So there.

So, we left the first place and went with the second suggestion, a place called Ink & Iron. When we pulled up, we saw this and knew we were in the right place.

They were clean, helpful, and super cool. We felt comfortable at once. We made an appointment for later that afternoon and passed the time by visiting that rabbit farm I told you about and doing an impromptu photo session in the lobby of the shop.

This is the drawing (from the internet of some stranger's foot) I gave to Joe, my super-awesome (and a bit bad boy cute, might I add) artist.

This was translated into a beautiful mock up of three sparrows, suitable to cover my travesty of a tattoo.

Which looked liked this after the lining (black ink outline) was complete. Ignore the smear of black ink and back hair please. *snort.*

The lining did not feel particularly nice. And Mindy was not nice when she took advantage of me all desperate and in discomfort and snapped this picture.

Oh yes, some of the lining smarted a little for sure. The rest was only extremely annoying. Joe told me I sat like a champ. That made me feel all dirty and bad-assed, he he.

Here we are coloring in. Almost can't really see the old one, can you? Funny how that happens. Joe really does great work.

Coloring in took a while. Lots of Beatles music. Even Roger waited (thanks, Roger!).

Finally, two hours later, the finished tattoo of my three birdies. In case you were curious, that's little Mabel on top, Andy on bottom, and biggest brother Trevor watching over both of them in the middle. I love it.

And I'd like to thank the Lord for the man who invented A&D Ointment.

Oh... I almost forgot.

Someone else got all dirty and bad-assed with me.*

As it turns out, birds were definitely the way to go.

That would be her brood there (Sammo, Tboy, Maddy, and Jonly Bonly LtoR). Totally darling.

Yeah, we're bad-assed for sure. Thanks, Lulu for getting inked with me. I feel all dangerous now. Like I should go and clean something. Or maybe knit.

* (I'm totally joking about the dirty and bad-assed-ness, Mrs. Thomas, I promise.)

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  1. Ha Ha...Hee Hee...Ho Ho...I Think I peed my bad-assed self!