February 9, 2008

New Friends, A Post by Mabel

So I don't mind telling you that ever since Trevor and Madelyn were born seven years ago (Happy Birthday, Maddy!), Lulu and I have been secretly plotting and planning their wedding. Because then we would be related. As if we need additional reason to be in each others' business. So it's only natural that we believe all of our children will grow up to be the best of friends. And it was only natural that we knew that babies Mabel and Jonas would be fast friends. The first night in Da Plains was spent letting them get to know each other. But day two was all about thrusting that intended friendship upon them.

Here, in Mabel's words, is a pictorial account of their first floor match.

Hey, Blog Friends.

This is my new friend, Jonas. I wuv him. He is sooooo sweet. Aren't we precious together? My mommy and Aunt Mindy said, "Awwwww!" and grabbed their cameras as soon as we were plopped down on the carpet.

Jonly Bonly likes to suck on his fingers. A lot. I think it's cute.

Hey, wait! Those are my fingers. Yeah, that's cute, too. Mom and Aunt Min went nutso at this. The flashes were blinding.

Whoa! What's going on here? This is all moving a little fast for me. Mom, I think he likes me.

Yep, he definitely likes me. I like him likin' me.

I also like Jonas' soft, dark hair. I think I'll run my fingers through it. I don't have any, you know.

Hey, there is no reason to rub it for luck.

You're so dang cute! Let's talk about rolling over or toots instead of my baldness, please.

Look, it's a sensitive issue. Leave it alone or I'll pull your hair again.

Wait, he's got me!

More finger sucking. Jonas isn't particular about whose fingers he's sucking.

Mommy and Aunt Mindy are screaming and jumping up and down and saying things like, "Oh, for cute!" and "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH." I may be blind. There are so many flashes; is it the fourth of July?

Okay, I agree this one is cute.

The whispering of sweet nothings into my ear was less cute.

Dude, are you sucking on my bald head?! That is just wrong! Tickles a little, though.

Ah, that's better. Let's both just eat our hands.

Thanks again for letting us visit you. See you soon! Wuv ya!

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