February 14, 2008

Oh, For Cute, Part Eleventy Thousand and Six

I've lost track of how many times I've titled my blog "Oh, For Cute." Cathy Zielske's going to sue me any day now for prolific use of her favorite catchphrase. Sorry, Cathy! Keep reading and I think you'll agree with my use of phrasing.

Today Mabel brings you commentary from the second floor match during our visit to Da Plains, a post perfect for Valentine's Day.

On Sunday at Jonas' house, Mom and Aunt Lulu were healing from their tattoos and I was battling eczema and excessive gas from my new formula. So it was a low key day.

We all just decided to hang out.

Aren't we cute?

We hung out for a while and Jonly tried to teach me how to roll. I managed to do it once, but I'm not ready to make it a regular thing just yet.

Whoa! Sometimes Jonas got a little carried away and didn't watch where his hindparts were headed.

Clearly he thinks I am a footstool. Or maybe he doesn't even realize I'm here. Hmpf.

Okay, okay, sorry! Didn't mean to offend you, JB. I merely meant that perhaps you might be a little more careful where you're throwing your feet around. I am a girly girl afterall. *toots* Excuse me.

Let's hold hands.

Oh golly, he's getting fresh isn't he?

Well, shut my mouth. *rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiipp* Hoo-eee! Excuse me again.

Wait a second. Are you trying to...

Okay, I'll say it myself. Oh, for cute! Mom and Aunt Mindy are losing their heads at this. So that's what my thumb is for. Who knew? That tickles.

Jonly, will you be my valentine?

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