February 6, 2008


Perserverance is a message I often feel the Lord sends me. It's tightly entwined with the message of patience. Most recently, I got this message in very convoluted and frustrating form. In other words, if I was going to go visit my friend I was going to have to work for it.


I bust my mom out of the hospital with a clean bill of health and permission to babysit. I finish packing and fret about the weather predictions.


I wake at 4:30am to 4 inches of snow on the ground. 45 min. drive to airport takes 2 hours. I grateful for 4WD! I park in economy parking and walk the length of 2 football fields to make it to the airport entrance. Through the 5 inches of snow Detroit got overnight. NOT FUN with a stroller in one hand and 2 wheely bags in the other.

Flight to Chicago (connecting city) is delayed because Chicago got 8" of snow overnight. Connecting flight to South Dakota is cancelled. Decently nice United agent makes me a new reservation for a connecting flight. I read Harry Potter 6 and Moo sleeps. I am praying she doesn't p00p.

New connecting flight in Chicago is delayed. I learned how they clear the runways at O'Hare; they put the snow piles into large heated dumptrucks and put the water down the drain. Neat. More Harry Potter.

Finally arrive in South Dakota. Mabel slept for both flights, the peach.

Saturday through Monday Morning

Much fun ensues including indellible ink, a salute to Baby Jesus, Mabel's dedication and a trip to a rabbit farm. Pictures to come (not from the rabbit farm - the breeders didn't allow flash photography).


It's snowing in South Dakota. Alot. Chicago has fog. ALOT. Visibility is down so my flight is delayed. Alot. After a quick scrapbook store trip to pass the time, Mabel and I check in for our 12:45pm flight at 2:45. It's still delayed. Alot. At 5:30pm they board the plane and we taxied. Then we sat. Alot. Mabel pooped. Yes, alot. Apparently the fog was so heavy in Chicago that they had less than 1/16 of a mile visibility. So we went back to the gate and waited some more for permission to fly to Chicago. Still Harry Potter. The pilot says he wants to try to land and if it's not safe, we'll divert through St. Louis. Except there are no flights to Detroit from St. Louis on United. Argh. The not-decently-nice agent would not allow me off the plane in time to catch the connection through Denver. Argh! He also would not authorize a switch to Northwest so that I could go through Minneapolis. ARGH! Finally at 8pm, the pilots and crew informed us that they had "timed out" and couldn't fly anymore. And then they left the plane. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Checked bags are missing. Mabel is crying. I am crying. Stroller hasn't been brought up to the jetway yet. The captain himself crawls into the gut of the plane to get Moo's stroller. So nice (thanks, Dude!). Still crying.

Found the luggage. Thanks to Mindy's wonderful parents, I made it back to Mindy's by 9pm.

Starting to get nervous since I've now been out of the office for more than a week. I suck and they might actually fire me.


Up before dawn and at the airport by 5:30am for a flight to Denver. Never thought I'd ever make it to Colorado, so I looked forward to seeing the Rockies from the airport. Yeah... they knew I was coming and covered themselves with fog and snow.

The altitude takes grip of her and Mabel p00ps twice while in Denver.

Flights are full of Harry Potter and we finally land in Detroit, Praise the Lord.

I load up the 2 wheely bags onto each other, strap Moo in her carseat/stroller, don my coat and wheel both the 2 football fields back to where I parked. We make it to the elevator platform after almost being crushed by a enormous lead glass door that was being pushed by about 20 mile-per-hour winds. We get into the elevator. Mabel is crying. The binky is lost. The elevator is.... BROKEN.

I ring up the emergency line. No, I am not trapped in the elevator. No, I cannot 'just use the stairs.' No, I am not entirely sure which elevator I am near. I just want to know where another elevator is. No, I CANNOT USE THE STAIRS. So, we wait for help. I start cursing like a madwoman (Sorry, Moo!) and looking all around for a security camera that I can flip off or stick boogers on. Finally, I slam my foot in the door again and we start looking around for another elevator. The angels sing and the sun shines bright from Heaven and we find one.

We made it home an hour later.

I had to perservere, People.

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  1. I realize that this isn't funny...but it's flippin hilarious! Miss you!