February 22, 2008

Princess Paste

I have an illness. It's called obsessive creativity. I can't help it, I've always had it.

I am an only child (well, I have two step brothers who were adults when I was born and who don't keep in touch at all, unfortunately). So I was bored and lonely. A lot. To battle this, I used that good ole' stand by: imagination.

Many a night I would elaborately design papercrafted menus for my mom and dad before dinner. I wrote entire plays and musicals and then strung my stuffed friends up with fishing line from my canopy bed and had them hop along as I read aloud (they had costumes and sets, Folks). I made a puppet stage complete with curtains and called my parents in to watch a late night puppet show by flashlight. I made clothes for my stuffed animals (no patterns - I eyeballed it) whenever I'd visit my granny. To pass the time, I'd draw pictures of houses - each and every brick - along with floorplans for the interior floors.

Then as I got older, the organization and list-making illness took hold. Lists of clothes and supplies to take to summer camp, prepared 6 weeks early. A diagram of my locker interior and where each supply would go. Binders for college, getting married, and having a home. I've always papercrafted cards now and then, and often made homemade beauty creams, too. Hmmmmm... imagination. That's what I call it anyway, lol.

So, naturally when the doctor recently told me that Moo needed special homemade diaper cream, my mind went into overdrive. It's 1/2 and 1/2 corn starch and Phillip's Milk of Magnesia. Easy. I set out to make one batch for home and one batch for daycare. Only I couldn't bring myself to just stick it into a Gladware container with her name written in Sharpie marker. Are you kidding? I found myself wandering Target yesterday until I'd found the perfect solution. I wanted little tubs for the cream but all they had in the travel aisle were those cheapy plastic bottles. That wouldn't do at all. So I searched until I found little tubs of cream in the cosmetics clearance section that were perfect. Their labels came off easily and $3 each wasn't too much to spend on an adorable container for my homemade butt cream. When I got home I removed the labels and the lotion (couldn't even tell you what kind it was honestly) and ran the tubs through the dishwasher. Today I made labels.

Here are the imaginative designs I came up with for the front and back labels.
I told you I was ill.

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  1. I'm the SAME WAY!! There is a 13 year difference between my sister and I. I am the baby, i.e. alone a lot. But, I think you have it worse than me. Even though I like to think I'm that crafty, I don't usually have the energy or time to acutally do the things I want to do. Right now I'm just playing the waiting game until Annagrace's bedtime so that I can start painting a bedroom. Worse case senerio . . . I just wait until my Mom comes over tomorrow to play with Annagrace so I can paint (see I told you I don't have the energy, I'm already putting off my goal for the night LOL)