February 7, 2008

The Trip in Pictures, Part 1

So, the travel part of our trip did not go as smoothly as I'd planned, but it was an adventure nonetheless.

Mabel and I were fascinated with this dinosaur in the middle of a terminal in O'Hare. The boys will be very jealous of this.

Mabel thinks that's funny.

Finally we arrived in South Dakota! I am in the PLAINS, People!

One of the first things Min did was drive us to the Falls. Here are some frozen waterfalls. Still beautiful.

Three more beautiful things to see at the Falls.

One of the things I loved about this place (and thanks, Mrs. Thomas for this awesome wording) is that it's a small town that doesn't know it's big. The small town mentality and generosity runs as deep as the Big Sioux River. I loved the signs around town, especially. It's like the marketing people are on vacation, like they don't want to fix what isn't broke. No need for a fancy new sign - let's just spiff up the old one! I LOVE it.

I think it was just at this point that I spotted this unfortunate gentleman and had to take his picture. He had no idea he'd end up on my blog now, did he? Oh well. I found his seating arrangements so funny I had to include him.

There are a lot of casinos there.

Apparently some people gamble that their first crack at a workout routine will be successful.

More signs.

A buffalo farm.

I would love to show you the rabbit farm, but it would be inappropriate.

Playing cards and wishing a Happy Birthday to baby Jesus.


That's it for today. More tomorrow.

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