February 9, 2008

Wing Duck Toe

So, TV Land has one of my favorite movies on tonight, Sixteen Candles. Oh, how I wanted Molly Ringwald's hair when I first saw this movie.

Anyhoo, mom and I were watching and she starts talking to the television while she's folding laundry.

"Oh how horrible. They've forgotten her birthday."

"Oh, the poor girl. Just molested by her grandmother." (This referring to Sams' Grandma feeling up her new b00bies.)

"Oh, the poor dear. They've forgotten her birthday, she's been molested by her grandma, and now she's got to deal with that Chinese boy, Wing Duck Toe."


I didn't have the heart to correct her (It's Long Duck Dong, Mom.) or to tell her why I was laughing so hard.

1 comment:

  1. Holy Crap! I seriously almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard.