March 27, 2008

Feeling the Mojo

Oh, the joys of Blogger. I don't know about you guys, but I've had a bugger of a time trying to update and accept comments and the whole bit all week. Hopefully this post goes through before it kicks me out again.

Okay, enough bitching.

Trevor and Andy have been enjoying a week off of school for Spring Break. I am happy to tell you that aside from the naptime candy caper previously reported, there has been virtually no hanky panky to blog about. Lots of "I'm too old for this" comments from Nana, but no hanky panky. Then again, I bet I just jinxed myself. There are 4 more days of vacation left before Monday after all.

Mabel is finally rounding the bend toward healthy highway. She's halfway through her 3rd type of antibiotic and hopefully the ear infection and almost-pneumonia are almost gone. Her eczema is very clear for now (except for a spot on her jawline that is almost always there) and her diaper rash from the Neutramigen is about 99% gone. I am thrilled. That little hippanus is a work out!

Judy's word of the day: Harbinger
1 archaic : a person sent ahead to provide lodgings
2 a: one that pioneers in or initiates a major change : precursor b: one that presages or foreshadows what is to come
Used by Judy last night to describe something on American Idol. A harbinger of all things - to describe something on American Idol. Simon made some comment and she says, "I wonder if that's a harbinger." Except she didn't pronouce it correctly (I still love her, but alas, she said har-bING-er. Not correct.) and I didn't understand what she was trying to say. So it became a moment.

Moving on.

Since I was so very painfully plain on Easter Sunday AND since I endured what amounted to a courtroom coma yesterday, I decided it was high time I started taking care of myself and have a little fun. On a whim, I called up one of my favorite spa salons in town and lucked out with a same day appointment. I went in for a trim but decided to go with highlights while I was there. The girl doing my hair was an angel sent from hair heaven. Sent to show me the way. And tell me it was OKAY to color my hair. I deserve it!!! So, I sat through a Kerastase conditioning treatment, a vigorous shampoo in the massage chair and enjoyed a mocha latte while my hair lifted it's way with an oxygen "hair facial". It felt like royal treatment. I even got to read fashion mags while I was there!!! I was so excited I sent Lulu a picture of my latte! Why haven't I been taking care of myself?!?! I am no longer revolving around in anyone else's world (and since my kids are MY world, they don't count), I'll tell you that much!

So onward!

I'm going to be nasty though and not post a pic until tomorrow. Sorry!

I was feeling quite the mojo, so on the way home I stopped and found a couple of shirts on sale at Banana Republic that I loved. I also stopped into Sephora, but couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on foundation, especially when I didn't love it. I even went home and filed my nails after the kids were in bed.

Tonight is Survivor (which Trevor is SO excited he'll be able to stay up and watch), clear polish on the fingers, and something hot and fun on the toes! I might even shave my legs tomorrow! Oooh, someone STOP ME!

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