March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I am so proud to say that the kids, Nana, and I made it to church yesterday. On time. Before leaving, I decided to make a go of some family shots. I realize now that I never remembered to put on my pearl earrings and necklace. Oh well. *Sigh.*

First, Nana took this. Not perfect, but scrappable. I look really, really plain. *Sigh again.* Mental note: Next time, buy a PINK dress for Spring, you dumbass.

[ Note also that Nana's picture-taking abilities have improved! We weren't in the center of the frame (I cropped), but we were all in focus! Yay, Nana!]

Then I decided to give kid shots a whirl. What was I thinking?

Trev: "Mom, before I can listen to your directions, I have to smoosh her. Mabel's on my lap, Mabel's on my lap, MABEL'S ON MY LAP!"

Andy is possessed by cantakerosity. Trevor squishes harder. Mabel appears non-plussed.

Great smile from Trev. Andy's gone within himself to find that inner humor. Mabel's tired of this whole process and refuses to smile. In fact, she looks a little upset that I'm putting her through this.

Mabel has thoughts of escape. Trevor is off in La-La land, and Andy's still in his happy place.

Finally, 37 shots later, I managed to get this one. Trevor has a bit of a hokey smile thing going on, but he is happy. Andy is back from his happy place (and still happy), and Mabel has decided that looking slightly enthused is almost as good as smiling for Mommy.

I'll take it!

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  1. Aww, you look beautiful. And good luck finding a springy dress this year. I went everywhere looking for a cute Easter dress for myself and found NOTHING. Everything looked so wintery, it's like they cut the sleeves off of the winter dresses and called it a day. I ended up with a bright blue skirt that I found at Walmart and a white tee shirt.