March 5, 2008


Today started off being another blah day, but as it turns out, inspiration found me via new blog finds on the internet. I *love* finding yummy things on the internet. Things that breathe new life into my weary soul. Lord, that sounds pitiful. Sorry. Ahem. I mean, things that breathe new life into my creative mind. How's that, lol?

Anyway, I wanted to post some eye candy for you all - and provide a place for me to keep track of my own inspiration, room by room. LOVE and swoon, People. SWOON!

(Most of these photos are from Sugar City Journal, Oh Joy, Kitchen Gnome, Desire to Inspire, Red Yarn, or Wee Wonderfuls unless forgotten or otherwise noted.)

First up, the dining room (which for me, will double as a craft/scrapbooking area).

Oh I need an antique credenza. Perhaps more than food. Perfect for sewing and scrapping supplies. SWOON, I tell you!

I am in LOVE with the framed groupings above the credenzas. I plan to throw some together using photographs I have taken, prints my mother has in old art books, some hand drawings, and some drawings/notes that the boys have made. Frame everything in similar but different frames and throw it up together. Loving it.

This kitchen table is Tara Whitney's.

For my bedroom.

Again with the groupings.

The living room.

The living room will need the perfect quilt, too. Can't wait to make it.

The kitchen.

And to get on my way - in a lot of ways, I just found this darling print by Belle and Boo on Etsy. It's called Release. Can't wait to put it on my wall.

So, that's all for today. Moo has to go to the doctor later for a nagging cold that is finally rendering her full of nasty green goo. Poor popkin.

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