March 11, 2008

Quick Update and Layouts

Oh, Folks. I have the funk again. This time it's bronchitis. Oy. Last time I don't get the flu shot! This time I scored some antibiotics and some fancy cough syrup. Unfortunately I can't take this fancy cough syrup at work because they don't like me sleeping on the job.

Okay, so a quick post today. First of all, the big meeting with my shoes was uneventful. Not terribly productive but not a total waste. We're going to have to meet again something this next week.

Also some big news for Mabel. Not only is she a rollie-pollie-ollie all of a sudden, but last night I found... a tooth. As in, broken through the gums already. *sobs*

Some layouts I managed this weekend between coughing spasms.

There issomething not quite right about this one. I love it, still, but something is missing or misplaced... Ideas?

This one is a Jamie Waters lift. I really love how it came out. So bright and cheery.

One of my favorite pages, ever.

That's it for this sicko.

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