March 24, 2008

A Random Post

Today is a special day, blog friends. I have a couple of posts lined up for you. I thought I'd start off with a completely random selection of recent photos.

First, let's have a look at Mabel's new teeth. Yes, I said TEETH. As in - before I had time to get the first one photgraphed, the second one popped in. Also, please try not to stare directly into those beautiful, soul-peering eyes.

See them on the bottom there, beneath the spit bubbles? That's my girl! Six months old this week. And 17 lbs. I know that she weighs 17 lbs because we've been to the doctor 5 times in the past two weeks. When Miss Mabel gets a bug, she thoroughly exhausts that bug before getting rid of it, even if that means having a cold, a belly virus, an ear infection, and "almost" pneumonia at the same time. This also does not include her strong battle against eczema or diaper rash due to that nasty Neutramigen formula. The girl has the will of an ox, I tell you.

Here is our little chef, who dressed himself like this while I was cooking dinner the other night. Nevermind that nasty bacteria-ridden oven mitt. And please pay attention to the darling, grubby toes down there.

Last weekend, the boys and I went roller skating.

Yep, even me.

Here is Trevor, trying his best to stand. I have to give him a break. After all, it's been over a year since he was last on skates.

"Trev, use the toe stop to stop yourself from rolling around!" I yelled.

Oops. Too much toe stop.

After this, he was on his way, flailing and falling all over the place. I could never catch him on camera again because, Dude, the kid was DETERMINED. Have I mentioned that Trevor is determined to accomplish anything he sets out to do? Oh yes. So, his poor knees and shins were bruised like grapes by the end of the night, but the kid successfully went around the rink about 6 times and only fell 27 times.

And then there is Andy, who seems to take to almost anything new like a duck in water.

Yep. Good thing Trevor was busy on the other side of the rink falling down by the time I took this, or he would have been really mad, lol. And I think it was at least 30 minutes before Andy fell the first time.

By the end of the outing, Trevor was mostly skating. And Andy, well, yes, Andy was completely skating. As in, not holding on to me or the wall anymore.

And for those of you concerned about my safety, no, I didn't fall once.

So, that's it for this post.

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