April 16, 2008

The Best of Friends, Really

One of the things I love most about going to visit Mindy and her family is... her family. I love each of those kiddos. No exception is the newest member of their family - little Jonas. Jonas is extra special and extra cute. I marvel at him every single time I see him. He truly has a purer beauty than other babies. I really can't explain it well, but there you have it. So to me, he is yummalicious and I want to eat him up with a spoon. Jonas loves to eat everybody, so this works out well.

Mabel also loves Jonas. They're the best of friends. Jonly Bonly. JB. Jonie B. It's funny because she sees other babies her age at daycare every day, but to my knowledge only interacts likes she does with Jonas. They intently watch one another. They copy rolling. They copy fussing, too. They're both trying to sit up. They grin at one another like they're sharing inside jokes. It's like they have a secret, quiet baby languange that only they can hear and they very much enjoy floor matches where they can carry on their conversations in secret.

The day we arrived in Da Plains, Jonas wasted no time whatsoever telling Mabel how much he'd missed her. Then again, maybe he justed wanted to suck something. Either way, he rolled right over to where she was laying (recovering from 3 flights) on the floor and kissed her.

She wasn't sure she liked it when he grabbed her ears. Yes, that is an earring you see there. And yes, I have noticed the discrepancy between Jonas' LONG hair and Mabel's complete lack of it. It bothers me. Hence, the earrings.

And as is typical, neither Mindy nor I thought to break up the baby carnage, we just sat cooing at them, snapping pictures like dedicated scrapbooker mommies.

Now as you have read, we had an unexpected and blizzardy overnight in a hotel while in SD. Along with Mindy's Titus, the babies went along. Here they are on Thursday evening at the hotel. They are sharing.

Smile, Babies! Or just lay there and look at us. That's okay, too. You're still cute.

It only took about 26 seconds for the babies to realize they were beside each other and not occupied by watching older siblings, taking a bottle, or trying to poo. So, they began to investigate each other some more.

Mabel: Look at your cute ears, Jonas!

Jonas: Why yes, they are cute, aren't they? PS - SO AM I.

Jonas: Here, let me kiss you. Thank you.

Mabel: Ewwwwww! Boy kisses! Jonas, you are very open-mouthed.

Mabel (looking very coy): Okay, I'll let you kiss my cheek just this once.

Mabel: Since I let you kiss me, I think you should let me touch your beautiful, silky hair. 'Kay? Don't get mad when I yank it.

Jonas: Look at that cool binky thing on your shirt. I wannit.

Mabel: What? Who me? I'm not doing nothing.

Jonas: That was hi-larious, Moo! Also hilarious is that you are too busy posing for the camera to see me steal your binky. Alas, it is mine!

Jonas: I need to kiss you again. You're soooo purty. *lick and slurp*

Mabel: I don't care about the binky. I wanna feel your hair again. Hold still.

Mabel (in a moment of quiet realization): Hmmmm. My head does not feel like your head. I don't have hair like you, Jonie. This makes me sad. I want barrettes!

And that is how the rest of the afternoon went. They shared kissing and binkies over and over again. Sometimes Moo objected to sharing her binky.

Sometimes JB would kiss her to make it all better.

And sometimes he would kiss her whether she liked it or not!

Ummmm. Not.

Liking it.

So handsome, little man! Love you, Jonly B!

Look at this stinker. She's the stinkery-est stinker I know.

But they're the best of friends, really.

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