April 21, 2008

Flannel Follies

Remember those 25+ yards of patterned flannel that I got while in Da Plains while visiting Mindy? Well, I woke on Saturday with a bee in my bonnet to do something about them. I should tell you that years ago I made each of the boys little play quilts. (Well, they are more appropriately "blankets" but, I digress.) Just big enough to cover the tops of their twin sized beds and perfect for couch cuddling and fort building. They are super quick to whip up and keep clean. Once I had my hands on all of that yummy flannel, I knew I had to make the boys some new quilts.

First, for each quilt I cut 24, 18" squares (you can use any size but all of the quilt squares need to be the same) out of a few matching fabrics, sewed them up in rows of 3 to make a front and a back with 12 squares in each and then sewed them together front to front. Once it was flipped right side out, I sewed up the selvedge and tied the corners of each square with floss to prevent shifting and add a little old-fashioned charm. I added natural cotton rolled-batting to the first quilts I made for them (calico fabrics that time) but considering these were flannel, that would have made them far too warm.

Here is my stack of cut squares - 24 for each quilt (I make the back and front w/the same fabrics - so there really isn't a "back" to these quilts). There are four stacks here - two for Moo and one each for the boys.

Here is Andy's quilt laid out on the floor. One the squares are cut, I lay them out to arrange them - dividing up my fabrics evenly between front and back sides. Trevor helped me this time. Andy's theme is road maps. I love the camping pattern and the numbers!

Then I sew square to square and row to row until one side is done. I repeat on the other and then sew the two sides together, front to front, leaving a small space (about 20" wide) open at the bottom to flip it right side out. This is where I would put the rolled batting in if I were going to use it.

Shifting during the wash is an issue with this type of quilt. I made one years ago for my niece before she was born and luckily, I prewashed it before gifting. It got ALL sorts of cadywompus when laundered. That's when the "tack in the corners with yarn" idea dawned on me. Not sure why I hadn't thought of it - trial and error, I guess. But I wasn't sure I wanted to do that with these new quilts so instead, I tacked the first one. I went around each square and made 1" long tack marks to hold the layers together. Because of the pattern, this made my quilt look very sloppy.

So, I ripped that out and tied the corners with floss.
Here is Andy's road map quilt, all finished.

Trevor's shark quilt.

And Moo's two. I couldn't get enough of all the girly fabrics, so of course I had to make two.

A close up of the tie.

Moo already loves hers.

Whew. I'm exhausted! Thanks, Lulu for inspiring me to sew something up!!!

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