April 17, 2008

The Gift

Today, I did something hard to do. I bought something big for myself. Yes, something expensive. An investment. Not shoes, not a hair cut, not clothing. I bought something that I truly need in order to take care of my kids.

When we decided to move into Nana's house, I packed very quickly. One of the things I did not pack was my cookware set. As the months have passed by and I began to plan out what I needed for our new place, this cookware set kept bugging me. Because you can't feed people without something to put the food in - and pretty soon after moving in, too. And because I am completely OCD about certain things (including teflon, BPA in plastic (this is the reason Moo's bottles are glass), and cooking with aluminum), I knew there were certain types of cookware that I wasn't going to use (which I kept proving to myself every time I'd look at a cheap $200 set at Walmart, Target, Meijer's, etc). That left me realizing that the set I'd end up with would be expensive. And that made me feel icky.

I knew I wanted something to cover all needs - stovetop and oven together. I wanted something that wouldn't start peeling or break in 5 years. (I can't tell you how many KMart pans I've thrown away over the last few years, cursed Teflon!) And I ended up somewhere I totally wanted to be but didn't feel I could afford. I ended up wanting - with every fiber of my mommy-I-can-take-care-of-you-being Le Creuset enamel covered cast iron. And I'm sure my head played tricks with me and told me how much that was the only kind of cookware I could use without harming my children, the earth, or causing Alzheimer's. But whatever, I became obsessed with this lovely French cookware to the point that I could not look at anything else.

Today I spent THREE HOURS finding the best deals online. I looked everywhere. I sought out coupon codes, checked Amazon, ebay, craigslist, and my local newspaper. I looked at popular stores and no-name online retailers for the best deal, free shipping (those suckers are HEAVY), etc. I found the best deal at CutleryandMore.com. I'd never heard of it before today, but I really liked their website and loved their product descriptions - with quick and free (because I spent a boatload) shipping. And they clearly had the lowest price because I wouldn't be blabbing about them if I hadn't bought anything.

So. Before I placed the "confirm order" button, I selected the box that indicated that this purchase was a gift. Because it was. It was a gift for me. I wrote myself an uplifting message and told myself, "you rock!". In 3-5 days, these beauties will show up at my door.

(Round Oven, Skillet, and Saucier in Dune)

(Braiser/Casserole Pot in Caribbean)

*drools* Isn't is preeeettttyyyyyy?

I'm not crazy. I didn't buy everything at once. Just enough to get by. You'd be surprised how many things you can do with just one of those pots. I can make a frickin' cake in that round oven! In a few months or a year, I would love to buy a few others (in Dijon Yellow and Pink) to complete my collection.
So, that was my big gift to myself and to my family. Feels good to take care of me.

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