April 14, 2008

The Middle Part

So, my faithful readers will remember that I posted earlier about my travels to and from South Dakota last week. What I didn't post (frankly, because the post would have been WAY too long for even the most dedicated reader to get through without peeing their pants) was the middle part of my visit. It was fantastifabulous and lovely, through and through. Even the messy and icy parts were a blast. I miss you already, Lulu!

Grab a snack, put that baby to breast, and kick your feet up. Herewego.

The Middle Part

Mabel and I arrived in Da Plains on Wednesday and the rest of the day was great. Mindy and I caught up over cleaning. I was so happy to help Lulu declutter. She's a busy gal and asked me to help her (I'm one of those sick people who love to clean and organize) . Together we cleaned through half of her kitchen and made beautiful garbage and donate piles.



Hard work and success! We had high hopes of doing the hall closet, master closet, and bedroom - but due to our schedule change (see below) that will sadly have to wait until next visit.

Thursday was full of flannel gluttony. A lot of flannel was purchased at the local Jo-Ann's. I myself bought 25 yards of the stuff. I now have plans for new 18" square bed quilts for the kids. I'm SOOO excited!!! (I'll share once they are WIPs). This was nothing compared to the 100+ ... well, let's just say Mindy put a hurtin' on the flannel stock at Jo-Ann's that day. A BIG hurtin'. She's up to something big with that flannel, too, Folks. Stay tuned.

It is here that I should mention that I had a few things to take care of while in Sioux Falls. I had a meeting an hour north of Mindy's house on Friday and we had plans to go out on Friday night. Those were the two main things I had to accomplish while out there.

So while we were at lunch following our flannel fling, we received word that they had issued a blizzard warning. They predicted 50 mph winds and 12" of snow over the next 24 hours. Greeeaaaat. Since we're great supermoms and can think on the run, we changed our rest-of-day plans to include driving up for my meeting a day early and getting a hotel to wait out the storm. We headed home to pack in a frenzy and then got into the van. We took our fabric with us so that we could get started cutting while at the hotel. We had big dreams of getting the kids to sleep and laying all of that glorious fabric out.

The Blizzard Trip

As you can imagine with the way my stories always go, the drive was not as easy as we'd hoped. The wind was so strong that Mindy had some difficulty driving her full-size van in a straight line. It might have been all the laughing. I dunno. Anyway, the overpasses were particularly unkind. She did a great job keeping the van on the road, mind you, all I'm saying is that it was difficult to do so. Then it started to rain/snow/sleet/ice. A lot. In fact, there was so much coming down that it piled up underneath the windshield wipers and made it hard to see. Here is Mindy when that happened.

Notice the white knuckles? Wonky wipers aren't wise. So, we stopped a couple of times to get out - Dorothy! Dorothy! - and flip the wipers off. We were almost blown away! 50 mph winds are not a bowl of cherries, Folks. Seriously.

After the second blow-by flip off, Mindy decides to get smart and stick her hand out of the window - while she's driving - and flip the wiper. Smaaaaart. She grabbed hold of the wiper and flipped, all right. She flipped so hard that the snow and sleet went flying past, along with a piece of black plastic. The rubber part was now just flopping. Whoops!

Suddenly, Mindy was concerned.

(See the wonky flopping wiper?) I thought it was hilarious. And no, I hadn't been drinking.

Windblown, yes - but not drinking. You can do it, Lulu! Go, Lulu, go! Lulu is concentrating. On THIS. Sorry, Roger!

I would be concentrating, too if I'd broken the damn windshield wiper in the middle of a blizzard with three kids, a bottle of booze, and 150 yards of flannel in the car. Dude. That's a lot of.....

Hey, look! Fargo! I LOVE that movie!

Sorry, I wasn't concentrating nearly so hard as Mindy. You'd think I could have done a better job co-chairing the van when the elements were this bad. But what more could I have done? I was trying to cool her off by rolling down the window and taking pictures of signs for Fargo. I also farted a few times and sang more Duran Duran. I was trying to keep her spirits up. And we talked about $ex toys. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on a flopping flipping wiper while talking about $ex toys? Wait... what was I talking about?

Oh. We saw this on the road.

Look past the ice on the window. Yep, that's a copper helping out a semi truck that was ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE 4 LANE HIGHWAY, facing the wrong direction. That's real niiiiiice. Yeah, you betcha.

We laughed so hard we nearly dropped our contents (that means messed our pants, for you non-Pioneer Woman-reading Folk) the whole way there. All the laughing made the treachery less... treacherous. It took us almost 3 hours to go 100 miles. We finally collapsed in the hotel room after a host of issues trying to get the children and fabric bags and luggage out of the car in the wind - Dorothy! Dorothy! - and onto the bell cart - don't let the maragaritas fall! - and don't forget the babies!!! - and into the room all the way at the end of the hall. The kids didn't fall asleep as we'd planned, but boy we were sure tuckered. The poor bottle of maragaritas wasn't paid any attention to and let's just say the flannel stayed nicely folded alllll night. We had big plans. In the end, it was still fun to collapse on the bed and read the Chronicles of Narnia together.

The Night Out

Friday brought some more drama getting home through the 12" of snow, though not nearly as much drama as on the way up. Once home we left the children with a sitter and went out for the evening. Like girlfriends do. Alone. For the first time EVER. Just Lulu and me. Aren't we cute all gussied up? Look how pretty Lulu is!

We started at Braco's with delicious drinks and an appetizer up at the bar while we waited for our seats. And since we're goofy dumbasses, it looked like this. Mindy with her Youcan Toucan

and me with my Braco Iced Tea. Lord love me any version of a Long Island Iced Tea.

Dinner was beautiful and delicious and tingly, thanks to the Youcan Toucan and Braco Iced Tea we'd had at the bar. We both ordered the Coconut Shrimp with Coconut Lime and Wasabiyaki sauce. VERY yummy. Lots of giggling. Sex talk. Kids. Men. It was fabulous.

When we left we realized it was rather early to head to the bar so we detoured past the bunny farm we went to during my last visit. (I say, some of those bunnies are the most curious things. Big ones, small ones, fast ones and slow ones. One was standing on it's head. Another was all black with pointy ears and enjoyed the top shelf, and one was shaped like a pyramid.)

After a quick ring to Roger

it was on to Buck's - the only bar in Sioux Falls with a DJ and dance floor. It was a culmination. It was the first time Lulu and I had ever been into a bar/nightclub together. Lulu made me proud when she danced and shook her booty to Pour Some Sugar On Me and Livin' On A Prayer. I was BESIDE myself with glee. GLEE! We really did have a ton of good, clean fun. We behaved ourselves and just reveled in each others' company, giggling and toasting. We always knew we were more than just pregnant friends and scrapbooking friends and mommy friends. That evening just proved it to both of us.

Toward the end of the night, we called Lulu's sister, T and she joined us (as the DD) and later gave us a ride home. Best to be safe! I left my rental car at the bar and was a responsible person (this is the part where you're proud and not upset, Mrs. Thomas).

After Taco John's, it was 2 am. And don't you know that Moo wouldn't eat for the sitter, so she was sitting in the bouncy seat with a very angry frown on her face when I walked in the front door? Oh yes. The sitter spent the night (since we'd been bad girls and stayed out too late for her to drive home), so to accomodate her, I slept in the bed with Mindy, with Moo in between us. We gabbed until we passed out from exhaustion. It felt SO great to gab like that!

Next morning was Saturday and time to get ready to go. Mindy's sister T gave me a ride to go pick up my rental car at Buck's (just the nicest girl, that T). There was a car show sitting in what had been an empty parking lot. We pulled in and... my car was not here. My car was not there. My car was not ANYWHERE. My car had been TOWED, my friends. Oh yes. Try to do the responsible thing and get towed!!! On my way to the airport all right, with a towed frickin' rental car. Hmpf.
#^*%#^%&$ #$#*^!! (matriarch and fornication!!!!!)
*Breathe deeply, breathe deeply! Serenity NOW (remember that show?)*
After almost 30 minutes T and I found the car in a neighboring lot THANK GOD, and Moo and I were off to the airport.
I am so thankful for my visit. I love Lulu and Rog, all the little kidlets, T and the Thomases (or is that Thomas'?). I am so glad that Mindy and I were able to go out, let loose and relax for a while. Turn off the 'mommy' for a couple of hours. It was a blast. Thanks, Lulu! I love you!

More pictures to come later this week including a floor match between Moo and Jonly B, as well as JCPenney portaits!

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  1. You are so funny crack me up girl. You are so welcome anytime I can help. Can't wait for you to come back again your visits are always fun. Sorry about getting to the airport late.