April 2, 2008

A Phenomenon

First, I feel obligated to mention that I was wrong to post so quickly about our next visit to Da Plains. I had to change my reservations around so that the trip is now 7 days from today. So, the 7 sleep wait commences thus!

Lots of planning and itinerary checking and packing to do between now and then. Lulu, here we come! Tell T-boy that Mabel's coming for kisses! And tell Jonly that the next floor match is ON. Note: Charge your camera battery.

One final nugget for you all today:

Last night I was heading to bed before Judy so she flipped on E! as I went up the stairs. (When I am not home, her tv time is split evenly between anything on E! and anything on TLC.) Keeping Up With The Kardashians was on. I greatly dislike that show but that is beside the point. As I continued to climb the stairs I overheard the Kardashian girls talking and the dad asking, "what is a camel toe anyway?" Oh Lord. Judy leaned forward on the sofa, her mouth agape and held her breath for the girls' response.

"It's a ... phenomenon," she says.

LMAO! Who knew? I sure as hell never thought camel toes were phenomenal.

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