April 16, 2008

The Plecostomus

So on Friday while I headed to my meeting from the hotel, Aunt Mindy kept the babies occupied.

Here they are, bright and bushy (Jonas) early in the morning. Hi, Babies!

They are all ready for their daily activities of playing, cooing, kissing, binky-swapping, and pooing. This is a really great shot of Mabel's elf ears, in case you care.
Mabel starts the day out right with a nice BM and then moves on to picking Jonie's nose. Hold Still, Jonly! I'll get it!

Jonly is gentlemanly and appreciative, so he kisses Moo's hand. So precious. Note the nappy she's holding? Aunt Mindy made that and Moo has to have one at all times.

And here, in slow motion, is Jonly, laying the biggest kiss on Mabel ever. Imagine as you are scrolling down, a large Cookie-Monstery sloberring noise.
Open wide! Look, Mabel knows what's coming.


mrnpfhmrnmrnpfhmrnmrnpfhmrn mrnpfhmrnmrnpfhmrn *slurp* mrnpfhmrn *suck*

Jonas is part plecostomus, I think. (A pleco is a cute aquarium sucker fish.)

After this, Aunt Mindy had to break them up. Just too much making out going on for Miss Moo. She wasn't tolerating all of the face time well. Well, she's just a bit fussy that way.

So, after the big make out session, the babies were plum tuckered out. So they each fell asleep with a nappy on their head. Awwwww!

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