May 31, 2008

House of Crazy, Can I Help You?

Nana put this on the baby's head last week. Isn't it cute (eyeroll)? Okay, it IS cute. She looked like Grandma Moses.

Until she freaked out.

Here she is crawling. CRAWLING, People! She started like this.

It's a guerilla scooty-crawl, but it's working for her.

Then the wacky one came running upstairs on his "horse". That's a 3 foot stuffed Easter bunny if you can't tell. I am so proud.

And the older, more mature likes to relax and spend time reading.

*Sigh* It's a House of Crazy most days.

May 29, 2008

No Really, I Also Have Two Sons

You'd think since I almost always post photos of the infamous Moo that she was my only child. Sorry about that. (It's just that she's the baby and growing so visibly fast that I feel I must capture and share. A lot. And she's also my only girl.) Luckily my sons don't read my blog because they would be UP.SET. They have always kept track of who had more photos on the wall, or who mommy was scrapping the most. It drives me nuts because I'm an only child and don't really understand the competitve monster that exists when you have siblings.

First, there is Trevor. He is seven. And loud. And loves to talk. He is dedicated and loves praise and responsibility. He likes to clean baseboards and toilets. He was my only early bird - arrived 3 days early via natural delivery. He also gets up by 7am, even on weekends. He plans his day. He is also the only one (in the whole family) who makes his bed daily. Everything is "just so" with Trev. T Dog. T boy. Mr. Bossy KnowItAll. He is naturally athletic, stocky and has eyes as blue as the sky. His heart is about the size of Texas. He's taken the news about Mom and Dad especially hard, which is especially scary for me because he pretends he's strong. Lucky for me he also likes to talk things out. He's going to make some woman very, very happy one day. He is a new soul; like his mother, very book smart but it will take him until he's 20 to use common sense. My God how I love this boy. This sweet child of mine who is growing up very, very fast.

And next is Andy. Andrew George. Andy Roo. Roo. Rooster. Andyman. Andy is my stubborn child. The two day induction that is now almost 6. The surgery at a week old because of a benign tumor in his chest. The child who scared me and brought me so close to God. He is also loud. And boisterous. He's a climber. The only child to ever warrant an emergency room visit. He has long, skinny monkey fingers and toes, which goes swimmingly with the fact that is middle name is George and his favorite character is someone Curious. Speaking of, Andy loves suffed animals. They each have a name and are very special friends. He sleeps with five or six nightly. Andy is the sneaky one. With dimples. He holds everything inside. He talks alot (just not about what he's feeling). He never cleans up after himself because he's realized that eventually, someone will do it for him. Andy wants to be a pediatrician. His kindergarten teacher told me that he's so smart he may be gifted. He is an old soul. He is my second son, my confirmation from God that I am a good boy mom. I love him so and wouldn't change him a bit.

Last week the boys and I went outside on the deck to play ball (aka: get them out of the house before I start climbing the walls). Keep-away and then pass. I snapped away.
Here is little Roo, looking so very little.


Trevor of course, always has to show Andy who is bigger and older and more capable (according to him).

Me, Me, Me, Me!

In a stealth move (I told you he was sneaky), Andy steals the ball.

And then, thunder.

Crap. There goes my fun - I mean peace and quiet. We had to go inside.

Thank you, God, for my two sons. I am so proud. They are works of your creation and I trust you to guide me in being the best mom I can be.


I love Thursdays. Mostly because Grey's is (usually) on, but also because it's like the last day of the week before my weekend begins. The last day to get some things done that don't count as weekend doings. Back when we had the house I would start massive loads of laundry on Thursday morning before work. I'd also cook dinner and clean the kitchen. If the boys were being good I might even be able to squeak in some vacuuming. It usually took me 2 days (including interruptions) to vacuum so getting a headstart was always good. These days I have no house to clean, but there is still laundry to do. Golly how life changes. I'm babbling. Sorry.

Moo has passed some milestones since my last big photo update. First, the teeth. She has 6 of them now - four on top and two on bottom. Numbers 7 and 8 (on the bottom) are on their way.

We also celebrated Moo's first pedi.

I love her big, fat Vulcan toes. Those big ones are Trevor toes. The others are long like Andy's. Love them. LOVE them.

So fancy.


I heard Andy laughing one day and looked round the corner to find this.

She thought his underwear on her head were hilarious. I had barely enough time to grab the camera. Plus I was laughing so hard I could barely move. Not so fancy, but darling anyway.

The boys are also darling, despite their micheviousness (is that a word?). I sent them out to do chalk a week or so ago and I heard them drawing a house. It had their bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen with pizza on the table, a TV with cartoons on and a doormat, among other details. They begged me to come see when they were finished and I'm so glad I grabbed the camera before I did. I LOVE this picture and CANNOT WAIT to frame it in our new house. (I used an Acid Wash action.)

I am so blessed.

May 27, 2008

More Moo-ness

And more.


It was a busy morning up in here. I got up, got Moo up, got the boys up, fed, and out the door for the bus, fed Moo, fed myself, watched The Golden Girls and half an episode of ER and then had some lunch. THEN I remembered I hadn't posted any pictures.

Here I am, as promised. How about some of Mabel sitting up for the first time? She's about 6 months here (wow, I've been slacking for over a month? Sorry!).

As you will quickly see, the problem with the new fixed 1.5 - 50mm lens doesn't have anything to do with me not really knowing how to use it yet, or the accidental darkness of these photos. Nope, it has to do with the fact that once I pick it up, it is very hard to shop shooting. It's that amazing. These are only a few of her sitting. I think I took about 40 pictures.

Now how about some cutie bath photos?