May 12, 2008

Another Sparrow

Happy Monday!

Did that sound convincing? :)

Nana was released from the hospital on Saturday afternoon by surprise. They didn't find the source of the bleeding but believe it can be avoided by lots of fiber consumption. Perfect. That also fits right in with Judy's obsession with BMs. So, she's back to herself now.

Because she was out of the hospital and feeling ready to celebrate, we did go out for Mother's Day brunch (minus Comfy Shoes). The boys woke me in the morning with a dozen handmade cards and pictures, as well as a homemade cookbook that Andy made in Kindergarten. They are so thoughtful. Mabel took part, too, waking the second they opened the door and insisting to be brought into family bed with everyone. Toward the end of the day, the boys gave me their official card and present. They had picked out a silver necklace with three charms on it. As Trevor explained, a large heart (which was supposed to represent Trevor), a small heart (Andy), and a SPARROW (Mabel). I LOVED it.

I applied to about a dozen more jobs today. Please send those employment prayers my way. Boy oh boy. *Sigh.* Mindy reminded me of something the day I was let go that I haven't forgotten. She told me that God saw this coming. He knew it would happen and He knew I could handle it. She also reminded me that He knows what will happen next. He has a plan for me, for my children. He won't let us despair. His eye is on the sparrows, you know. So, I'm feeling lots of faith inside.

For now, I've been watching far too much television (and not even good television b/c as previously mentioned, my mother and I do not usually have the same taste in good television) and reading The Chronicles of Narnia. Right now I'm on Price Caspian. All I know is I can't wait to see this movie. This is a *great* book.

I really hope I feel some creative mojo this week. It would be a shame to find work soon and never have taken some time to actually get caught up SCRAPBOOKING. Hmpf. I keep figuring 'well, I might as well...' and then I sit down to absolutely zero mojo. Here's hoping it comes back soon!

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