May 29, 2008


I love Thursdays. Mostly because Grey's is (usually) on, but also because it's like the last day of the week before my weekend begins. The last day to get some things done that don't count as weekend doings. Back when we had the house I would start massive loads of laundry on Thursday morning before work. I'd also cook dinner and clean the kitchen. If the boys were being good I might even be able to squeak in some vacuuming. It usually took me 2 days (including interruptions) to vacuum so getting a headstart was always good. These days I have no house to clean, but there is still laundry to do. Golly how life changes. I'm babbling. Sorry.

Moo has passed some milestones since my last big photo update. First, the teeth. She has 6 of them now - four on top and two on bottom. Numbers 7 and 8 (on the bottom) are on their way.

We also celebrated Moo's first pedi.

I love her big, fat Vulcan toes. Those big ones are Trevor toes. The others are long like Andy's. Love them. LOVE them.

So fancy.


I heard Andy laughing one day and looked round the corner to find this.

She thought his underwear on her head were hilarious. I had barely enough time to grab the camera. Plus I was laughing so hard I could barely move. Not so fancy, but darling anyway.

The boys are also darling, despite their micheviousness (is that a word?). I sent them out to do chalk a week or so ago and I heard them drawing a house. It had their bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen with pizza on the table, a TV with cartoons on and a doormat, among other details. They begged me to come see when they were finished and I'm so glad I grabbed the camera before I did. I LOVE this picture and CANNOT WAIT to frame it in our new house. (I used an Acid Wash action.)

I am so blessed.

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  1. Love the teeth. Love the toes. Love the underwear. Love the drawing!!!! Precious!!!