May 26, 2008


I spent several hours today (was it really that long? Holy crap!) fooling around with my photo files. As I mentioned before, I recently converted from Paint Shop Pro to Photoshop Elements. I love it. And I love it's Organizer. I love the organizer because I can categorize and subcategorize (and sub-sub categorize... you get the point) my photos by subject, color, whatever. This makes the organizing freak in me insanely happy. Jump up and down and clap real fast, happy. So when I loaded PSE for the first time and opened the organizer, naturally I thought it would be a brilliant idea to upload all of my photos into the organizer and set about categorizing them. I did that for about 8 hours. And then some more the next day. And I think one day after that. It took a LONG time, after all, I'd imported each and every photo I've taken since 2002 and some I scanned before that, as far back as 1996. Bite off much?

Ahem, anyway. The categorizing went swimmingly. But then I made the mistake of uploading the 350 or so brand new photos I'd taken with my new lens. And then I edited them using the new Actions I bought. So I basically lost track of where I started. And of where my new photos were being saved. Not exactly what I'd planned. Plus it left me completely incapable of even finding my files to upload to my blog. Poo.

Tangent Alert: You know how I go on and on about how Trevor sets about something new like he knows exactly what he's doing and then gets super frustrated when it doesn't always work out exactly the first time? Hmmm. I have no idea where he gets that from.

So, I ran the actions on my new pictures and Oh. My. WORD. I fell in love. Deeply madly in love. So in love that I edited some of my older photos, too. I had read in my Missing Manual book that Photoshop will automatically make a copy of any edited photo in order to preserve the orginal. So, I went on and on and on (like, 500 photos or so) editing like I knew what I was doing and letting PS save the photos for me. Except, it saved them as Photoshop files and NOT .jpgs! And in a place I couldn't find (until today)! EGADS!

So, the hours I spent today were spent fixing the idiocy of my ways last week. I had to save, flatten, resave as .jpg, find a TON of missing files, reconnect everything that was missing, delete all of the PSE files it had autosaved and then figure out how to tell the thing to save it MY way going forward (as .jpg). And then backup the whole darned thing. I FINALLY figured it out, Folks. I wish I could tell you that I learned my lesson, but I can't promise.

So (Man, I say that a lot.), please tune in tomorrow where I will have a crapton of photos to show you. I forget what all I've promised so if I leave anything out, please send me an email or leave a comment. I know all of you are holding your breath. :)

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