May 27, 2008


It was a busy morning up in here. I got up, got Moo up, got the boys up, fed, and out the door for the bus, fed Moo, fed myself, watched The Golden Girls and half an episode of ER and then had some lunch. THEN I remembered I hadn't posted any pictures.

Here I am, as promised. How about some of Mabel sitting up for the first time? She's about 6 months here (wow, I've been slacking for over a month? Sorry!).

As you will quickly see, the problem with the new fixed 1.5 - 50mm lens doesn't have anything to do with me not really knowing how to use it yet, or the accidental darkness of these photos. Nope, it has to do with the fact that once I pick it up, it is very hard to shop shooting. It's that amazing. These are only a few of her sitting. I think I took about 40 pictures.

Now how about some cutie bath photos?

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