May 10, 2008

Unemployed, Week One

Wow. That accidental blog hiatus lasted longer than I'd hoped. So sorry. As it turns out, I have quite a bit going on. This is the end of my first week of feeling unemployed. It doesn't feel so hot.

I'm hoping to have an interview next week. Praying. I'm also hoping that a new job happens before the rental house I found is gone forever. I need to move out. Much as I love Judy, I am an adult and need my own space in which to raise my children. And to talk. And walk. And clean. Tensions are high around here - just try to imagine moving your entire family into your mother's house for going on 7 months. Oy.

Speaking of Judy, she is in the hospital again. More bleeding. She's going to be fine, but they still can't find the source, which is scary. They expect she will be there until Monday at least. Which (here comes the whiny part, sorry) blows to crap my Mother's Day (and hers, yes, I realize).

But walk with me here for a sec. This is my first Mother's Day as a single mom. I wanted to start off with a new tradition. Something that showed my kiddos that I am more than just their mother, that I am completely capable of taking care of them alone and doing a bang up job. I dunno; it just signified something to me. Anyway, I made brunch reservations that I will now have to cancel because Nana won't be able to come and I can't handle all 3 kids alone at a buffet. Comfy shoes was supposed to join us, but I don't feel like looking at his face. The kids have made cards and can't wait for tomorrow and that makes me SO HAPPY... but I wanted the day to be a new tradition. Something extra special. It could be as simple as grabbing PopTarts and eating them in bed in front of cartoons - all of us in family bed. Except this isn't our house, the bed isn't big enough, and there isn't a tv in my room. I thought about going to the park. Maybe church and then the park. I'd like to go to church. We NEED to go to church. So, we'll see.

And it is with mixed emotions that I tell you about Moo. She is CRAWLING. And she did it for her Daddy first. *#$%&**#!#$* Came home and was all, "Dadadadadadadada." "Yeah, I get it!" I told her. I'm not bitter. Just that, you know, Mother's Day and all. The stinker.

So, that's the update. I have tons of pictures to share when I figure out how to get into the Paintshop backup catalog on my EHD and load into Blogger. And I made an amazing find last week at a local antique mall - two dressers (can you say makeshift sideboard for scrapping supplies in my future house???) - I can't wait to show them to you.

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