May 1, 2008

An Update and a Conversion

I'm alive! I've been busy at working, wrapping up loose ends, trying to care. It's hard not to be a least a little bitter. But, I wake up every day alive and seeing the sky above me - wow, that sounds totally hokey. What I'm trying to say is, I can see my blessings before me and I have faith in God that he will lead me to the next opportunity. Job and house included.

My immediate plans are to track down previously mentioned HR-lady and pursue other opportunities. But I'm going to get paid for a little while yet - and two weeks at home with Mabel? Not so bad, really. Two weeks at home lollygagging, scrapping, and taking pictures with my new 50mm fixed 1.4 lens (I've been saving for that baby.)? Not so bad at all! Again, I have faith. And specific faith at that - faith that God will lead me to a job that is appropriate for my skillset and not necessarily what I've been doing. Something that will allow me enough flexibility to be an involved mom (absolutely necessary), make decent money (to afford my rental house!), and stretch my wings a little. I have been undervalued and underestimated for too long now. I am a degreed professional. I think I just finally have the attitude of one. I can do this!

I also plan to take the boys to a nearby waterpark for an overnight, to the zoo, and to Cedar Point - just them and me. I can't WAIT.

All that said, prayers are still *very* much appreciated.

I forgot to mention that Mabel got her 4th tooth (upper center) two days ago... and #5 is hours away. I can see and feel it, but it hasn't broken through yet. Five teeth at 7 months! And she's up to 17 lbs, 7 oz. Big hipannus. That child sure seems like she's in a hurry. I don't like it one bit. Even her hair has decided to grow (which I love) in a hurry. She's likely my last baby and I want her to stay little! She's also trying to crawl! Like, A LOT. She rocks back and forth, flops herself forward, and will pull herself forward on your hands and into your lap. It's really frightening how quickly she's going to be mobile. *sobs* Ahem. I'm okay. Anyway, my mom's place is NOT ready for that. I have much to do there.

Trev and Andy are as rotten as ever. I love them rotten. Not to be confused with spoiling them rotten or telling them they are allowed to be rotten, but secretly, I love it. It's a pure dose of boy. Makes me smile.

So, in other news, I have made a big decision in my creative life. I have purchased this. I guess I am officially converted.

I don't know why I resisted for so long. I guess I felt like Paint Shop Pro was working for me, doing what I wanted to do to edit my photos and digitally scrapbook. And I guess now, it wasn't. So, I installed this puppy and played for hours last night organizing my photos. I love it already. Finally, I feel like I can churn out some better pictures. Better digital scrapbook pages. Guess I should say thanks to my two primary enablers, Mindy Lu, and Pioneer Woman ( - if you haven't visited, you totally should!) . I even found actions designed specifically for Elements. I haven't used any yet, but I'm totally excited about using them!

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