June 6, 2008

Loser. Baby.

Okay, the baby isn't a loser. It's a play on the song by Beck. It's true I feel like I'm stuck in a Bozo nightmare. A loser with a capital Gesture on the forehead. The reason I didn't update much this week is because I had an interview with a local company on Monday and I SO wanted to make a big announcement on my blog about it. (Also slightly loser-ish.) But alas, I got the "we're just not that into you" email from them today. How nice.

As I was lamenting to Lulu about how much I suck and this job market sucks and this city I live in sucks and how this was really making me wonder, "God, where are you exactly?" (I mean, I totally know He's there, but I can't believe I still haven't found something. I have three kids to support!)... so as I was lamenting, I got a call. I hung up with Lulu and had a wonderfully - dare I say promising - phone call with an old colleague. He was responding to a resume I'd submitted for an opening at his company. And just then, God showed up. Yep, just like in Forrest Gump. Thanks, God. So, here's to holding my breath and hoping I have a reason to wear my new suit SOON. Like next week, specifically. (I always pray specifically. I figure, He made me neurotic, He knows how I am.)

Now for the baby part.

Yes, this baby. This BABY.

Stay tuned. Later this week... Mabel's first pigtails and my new haircut!

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