June 8, 2008

New, Totally Cute Haircut

I was thinking. When my life fell apart last fall and I ended up out on my own, I started thinking about myself a bit differently than I have in about 12 years. It's time not to be "safe" and "comfortable" anymore - at least not all the time. I also decided "young, hot chicks have long hair..... so, long hair = YOUNG" and so I kept growing my hair. Then I went blonde (which I still love). But, Dude, my hair was a mess. Having Mabel changed it's texture and it was SO not making me happy. And I didn't feel any younger, really.

So I decided a week or so ago that while I am young (enough) and sometimes hot, perhaps young, hot does not have to = long hair. And off I went to my awesomely fantastic stylist for a cut. I had Trevor take pictures when I got home.

Still young and hot.

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