June 20, 2008

A Whole Mess of Cute

Okay. I promised to post about going green and I totally will, but here's the thing. We all know that I'm long-winded. (Self realization is the first step, no?) And I have drafted like 7 handwritten pages to blog. Seriously. So I figured before I began, I should prepay you all with adorable images of cute. Make sense?

Some new shoes. A size 3. That's she's almost too big for. And cute fat ankles.

Hanging out in the playpen. Wait... she's up to something...

She's up to standing, Folks. Allatime. She also enjoys cruising and falling on her fat tushy. I think she likes the sound of the diaper crinkle when her buns hit the carpet. She always giggles and wrinkles her nose before getting up to do it again.

A couple of days ago I came around the corner and saw these two, reading. It looks like Andy was reading Goodnight, Moon to his baby sister. My heart melted right there. So sweet. He's such a good big brother.

And finally, a series of cute. Moo had her first popsicle a couple of days ago. I should have video taped it instead; oh, the funny! Nana and I laughed our fool heads off at the faces she was making. So of course I had to keep feeding it to her. She did like it after all. Is that wrong?

MABEL THE AMAZING DRAGON! Lord have mercy, look at all of those teeth! Eight, People. Eight!!!

So, the going green posts are coming!

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