July 27, 2008

Back on The Horse

Yesterday, I had an itch. And I had to scratch it.

Before I tell you about my issue, it's important to mention that I've been way too spendy on the digital scrapbooking front lately - particularly since I haven't scrapbooked (either paper or digital) since I lost my job in April. Not one time. Have even't wanted to touch it. The mojo was gone. Or maybe I just needed all of the energy normally spent using up the scrappin' mojo for other more important things (such as the job search). But some of the kits out there are still so stinkin' cute I couldn't help myself.

Anyway (Has anyone noticed I can be long-winded? Geez!), my itch was driving me crazy. So I hauled Betty out (that's my laptop, by the way) and opened up Photoshop. I was a madwoman. I didn't even let the fact that I'd never made a digital page in Photoshop slow me down. I had my Missing Manual there beside me and the kids were occupied. Would you believe that since yesterday afternoon I have made 7 pages? GO, ME! Now, I did use Ali Edwards' Layered Templates from DesignerDigitals and there aren't any dropshadows on anything yet (couldn't figure out how to do that yet, but I will!), but seven pages? Wahoo!

Once I add the drop shadows, I will post the pages. In the meantime, here's to not letting something steal YOUR mojo. Go create something!

PS - Lulu, in true Rachel fashion, all of the purses that I precut on your living room floor are still nicely folded inside of their plastic bag. Funny how the mojo hops around isn't it?

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