July 20, 2008

Da Plains Vacation - Part 1

Oh my. Well, I said I took over 1,000 pictures and boy, did I. I spent all of today editing them, resizing them for the web (nifty action I just found from VIBE), and then uploading them for my blog through flickr. For some reason, most of them look a bit dark compared to their actual versions, but you'll get the drift, I think (why is it that flickr does that?).

First, our journey. It was about 830 miles, or 14 hours long. We drove through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota to see our friends. It was worth every minute. Here are some cool shots along the way.

(Wisconsin, near the Dells)

(La Crosse, the point where Wisconsin and Minnesota meet on the Mississippi River)

(Stretching their legs in Minnesota - just over halfway there)

(Wind turbines in Minnesota. These made my heart so happy! And I was so proud when both of the boys knew what they were and totally appreciated their coolness!)

We arrived on Saturday evening. The next morning we all went to church. We were invited to attend a congregation party afterwards and it was a blast! What a great way to kick off vacation. And... it was 95 degrees. In the shade. And thundersprinkling on and off. MUGGY. *AWESOME.*

(Check out the dirt in Trev's nose. He was having some BIG fun on the Slip and Slide.)

I'll stop here. More fun tales soon.

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