July 20, 2008

Da Plains Vacation - Part 2

So if I had to sum up a good portion of the goings-on of the seven children in the house with one picture, this would be a great one to show you. The decapitation happened within the first 5 minutes of the following collision:








Sorry, Ken. You were headed to Goodwill anyway.

The adults played with more fun things. And cards. It's because we were playing cards. Often. In German.

On Monday, Roger and I took the kids to the Washington Pavilion Kirby Science Center to learn and play.

Um, we ALL had fun, okay? This had nothing to do with that Jaegermeister you saw up there. I have no idea where that came from.

(Blurry, but I don't care. I love this shot of him on the huge piano.)

The kids had a ball. The top floor of the science center demonstrated physical exercise. In other words, it was a stupendous place to wear them out before taking them home. Trevor and Maddy immediately decided they would race one another. Maddy was very... confident ... very... ostentatious ... very in-your-face with her invitation to Trevor. Trevor, being all super-cocky-7 yr old boy took her up on her offer in a nanosecond. I'm just thankful I had my camera glued to my face when it all shook down.

*WARNING* Graphic, sex1st behavior is expolited below. View at your own risk.

So, off they went.

Notice Maddy's Devil-may-care attitude and barefootedness. She's all sure of herself. And Trevor, well, Trevor is already behind.

Oh, coming back now. Giggles and laughter abound. And no - he's not jabbing her with his elbow. He's just all gangly and lanky right now. Good times.

Uh oh. Maddy is going down! I tried to scream, "look out!" from behind my camera, but she didn't hear me. And Trevor is... wait, has he even noticed she's about to hit the carpet?

Oh yeah, he noticed. He even claimed victory when he crossed the line. Stinker. I can't decide whether to laugh my fool head off or hang it in shame.

Naughty little sucker. He got it back though, Folks. Don't you worry. They were ALL dishing it out.

And if any of you were curious what Andy was doing during all of this, allow me to show you.

Ah, good times.

The whole crew (minus me). Jonas and Moo are sharing a double stroller back there. Uncle Roger is wrangling everyone into place. Andy is trying to correct Titus (PREVIEW: this will be a theme for the entire 14 days). Sam is waiting for Dad, and Maddy and Trevor appear to be the only two paying attention. Strange how both of them look like they are sitting for a school picture though, isn't it?


Sprinklers outside.

And a TON of fun, courtesy of Parks and Recreation (a.k.a.: THE POOL!).

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