July 19, 2008

Holy Buckets, We're Back

Wow. That was a long drive. We decided to stay in SD another couple of days and drove home yesterday. Between the time difference and the parking lot we sat it on I-90 in Chicago for 2 hours, it took us just over 15 hours to make it home. Once again, the kids were astoundingly good during the drive. I just can't get over how good they were. *Smile*

Lots to report about Vacation 2008, tons of photos to share, Lulu to share a new adventure coming soon (no, it's not a baby), and a barrel of fun to be discussed later. For now, I must rest in an outstretched position, eat lots of Espresso Bean ice cream (a new favorite - it's excellent with banana ice cream and mini marshmallows), watch Bridget Jones and then dump onto my external hard drive the more than 1,000 pictures I took over the past two weeks.

One more time, thank you Aunt Lulu for everything. See you soon!

Everyone else, catch you on the flip side!

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