July 6, 2008

We's in Da Plains!

Why hello there.

The kids and I made it to South Dakota last evening after 14 hours of driving. We went through 6 states and had to stop 6 times. The boys were SO WELL BEHAVED I considered driving to California, but only briefly. I literally only raised my voice TWO TIMES. I think they were just so dang excited to be going on the biggest vacation of their short lives. Moo also behaved herself, but was a bit squirrely after sitting all day long.

The boys loved the journey - especially Chicago and the Mississippi River valley in La Cross, Wisconsin on the Minnesota border. I was especially tickled at the gas station we stopped at just after La Cross, which offered (in addition to gas) earthworms, Subway, bikinis, and tanning. The drive through Chicago was so fun. I truly love Chicago. The drive from LaCross through the middle of Minnesota was just gorgeous. Everything else was as flat as my Andy's behind.

The boys are in love with South Dakota. They love the green grass, how hot it is (blazing - 90 at 10am this morning), and getting reacquainted with their friends. We've only been here 24 hours and have already gone to church (and loved it! - the most contemporary worship I've ever experienced) and a water slide party. They've jumped on the trampoline and actually tried Aunt Lulu's chicken enchiladas with only a few threats from me. But they liked it enough to eat a bit - that's progress.

I'm practicing saying, "yes" more often. After all, we're on vacation! Kool-Aid for lunch instead of milk every single day? Sure, why not while we're on vacation? Chocolate milk at the drive-thru? You betcha. Staying up for just 20 more minutes? Okay. After all, they're kids. They've gone through enough in the past 9 months that they deserve some loosey goosey fun. And so do I.

We'll be here through at least the 15th, so I'll try to post between now and then. Happy July, All!

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