August 31, 2008

New Pages

I'm still feeling the creative bug, but I didn't feel like sewing when we returned from church and lunch today. Perhaps it has something to do with the WIP from Hell - more on that later - one hint, it was a quilt cut entirely on the bias. OY.

Lulu suggested we scrap this evening. We're sitting here at her kitchen table right now, both of our laptops out with all the cords sprawled all octopus-like all over everyplace, and watching Love Actually. Nice way to spend the evening.

Tomorrow it will be back to work on the quilt. I have to attach the border to stabilize it. Then I have to sandwich the batting and the backing to further keep it from stretching all cadywompus. It won't fully be stable until it is topquilted sometime in September.

August 30, 2008

I Pinky Swore

We' ve been busy.

We put up some corn with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. Twenty dozen ears worth. The kids were excellent shuckers. Don't I sound like an authentic Midwesterner? "Put up some corn." Eat your heart out, Iowans.

(*All photos in this blog post are SOOC because I wanted to get them posted before I became preoccupied with MOVING and my binder. And MOVING. Carry on.*)

This kid went and grew up on me. Stinker pulled two teeth out in one week. How is he in the second grade already?

Back to school shopping meant a new purple hat for Miss Moo. Mabel says, "Hi, Nanny!"

Jonas still thinks Moo is hilarious.

I have been channeling frustrations in another, creative and quite productive way. Introducing a new WIP.

What's an obsession without a friend to join you? Mindy's WIP-ing, too.

Andy turned six with a Kung Fu Panda cake. Totally darling.

Thanks for the camera, Nana!

The biggest event so far has been the start of school. The two second graders:

The two first graders (who are in the same class):

The school is so close we having been able to get some exercise. First day walking.

So, I held true to my pinky swear. I have updated photos. Mabel thinks that is cool. She thinks it especially coy that she is taking steps this week and knows that the next post will be ALL about HER.

Oh yeah, you heard me. I bet she'll have her new trick nailed by Monday.

August 29, 2008

Guess What I'm Doing

Well, I'm doing lots of things right now.

I'm transferring the images from my CF card. THAT MEANS PICTURES! I'm drinking a Moutain Dew. I'm listening to Jonas' speech therapy session out of my right ear and Dave Ramsey's introduction with my left. I'm reminding myself that I stink and need a shower. I'm not working today because my boss is attending the LifeLight Christian Concert today. I am also slobbering over the little square of townhouse that I can see out of the window directly to my left.

The townhouse that I can see will hopefully belong to one Rachel, Trevor, Andy, and Mabel family sometime in the next four weeks. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!?!

(Also very cool - I can smell a scrapbook page a-comin' - is that whole best friends living next door to each other thing.)

I've had my eye on this townhouse ever since I started thinking about moving out here. It has a similar floorplan to Mindy's house. The townhouse has plenty of space for us. Four bedrooms. Uh-huh. You heard me. One for EACH KID. The master is big enough for my big-ass bed, too. Ohhhhh, I have missed my big-ass Tempur-Pedic bed. It has a family room downstairs where two of the bedrooms (the boys') and a big bathroom will be. Also a storage room (actually its an unfinished 5th bedroom) which I cannot WAIT to keep as empty as possible. Upstairs there is a kitchen, dining area, large living room with a slider and a deck, two more bedrooms, laundry, full guest bath and some closets.

And... *hangs head* I totally have a binder (divided by room) downstairs in my box dedicated solely to this townhouse. And now, look. God has provided. The neighbors have turned in their notice. Praise the Lord. Where was I? Oh yes, obsessive compulsive move-planning. Ahhhhh, moving. I LOVE MOVING. I'm not going to love having to pay for movers to move my things, but I'm really going to be ready once it gets here. The kids can't see straight; they are so excited.

So, that's enough rambling. Pictures soon.

August 27, 2008

Tap, Tap... Is This Thing On?


I have been keeping a bit of a blogging secret from you all. Sorry, but it couldn't be helped. Truly.

The kids are enjoying school. In Da Plains. :) *grins*

God yanked me by the umbilical in a way I'm sure I'll talk ALL about in a future post, but I felt the need to persue employment opportunities abroad. If by abroad you mean Da Plains. And God provided. I have a job. A good one. One that will allow me to make my own hours and get the kids after school.

And in 4-6 weeks? We'll have OUR OWN HOUSE. God has provided, let me tell you.

SO much to say. More to blog later. Along with pictures. I pinky swear!

August 23, 2008

Praying for Nie Nie

We're doing great here in Da Plains. I hope to have a photo update soon because Trevor has lost both front teeth and I don't think there could be anything cuter about him. Holy cow. And also, Nana is waiting to read an update. Hi, Nana!

So, the reason for this post is to compel you all to do something for someone else. The someone is Stephanie Nielson. She's a beautiful woman in Arizona who is happily married to a beautiful husband and who has four gorgeous kids (all under 6). She has a blog HERE and I just *love* it. She's so creative and motherly and crafy and talented. Last Saturday, Beautiful Stephanie and her husband were in a private plane crash and both were severely burned. It is still touch and go for Stephanie, though her husband Christian seems to be doing a bit better. I can't stop thinking about their little family. Both of the Neilsons need prayer. And please throw some prayer in for the four kids who are coping with mommy and daddy in the hospital (likely for months) for good measure. And if you're compelled to do more than pray, please consider donating to help cover medical bills. You can find a donation button on my sidebar. For future updates on how the Neilsons are doing, visit Stephanie's sister cjane's blog.

August 7, 2008

Handmade Friends

Remember when I told you all that I had been handstitching up a storm to make friends for my Andy Roo and my little Maddy?


This is Sara.

Madelyn loves her very much.

Sara has 3 friends at home in the final stages of hair. Lilah, Ruth, and Emmie. They will make their debut soon.

And this is Clara.


And Elliot.

Aren't they sweet?

If Lulu convinces me, some of their friends may be up on Etsy soon.

Digital Mojo

As I said previously, I've been feeling the digital scrapping mojo as of late. Here are some of my pages - each using one of Ali Edwards' Layered Templates (available here). Vacation time is nice.

August 4, 2008

We're Baaaaack

The kids and I traveled back to SD this past weekend for another vacation. The boys made the trip well but were a bit... noisier this time around. After 12 hours Trevor asked if we could please drive somewhere with less corn. Andy then poked him in the back of the head.

Mabel was also less sedate during this trip. She was also less constipated. Ask all the patrons of a Perkins in Winona, Minnesota. That was some good fun.

Anyway, we are back in Da Plains. We'll be here for 2 or 3 weeks. Pool time is planned. Pictures, sewing, whatever we can work in and work on. And Mr. Andy Roo turns 6 in 2 weeks so there will be celebrating with friends.

And if you all are curious and worried about me since I clearly haven't talked a lot about job hunting, please be assured I am still doing it. The Lord is working in my life right now and I have realized I am along for the ride. I hope to share more on that soon.

*P.S.* - If you are inclined, please say a prayer for little Thomas Bickle's parents. I have been reading (by blog) about Thomas' brain tumor since he was diagnosed at around 8 months old. The cancer returned this past year and little Thomas died a few days ago in his father's arms. I cannot stop thinking about them, about their loss and God's gain. About the sheer terror of the thought of losing a child. Please pray for his parents to have peace and comfort right now. Lift them up.