August 29, 2008

Guess What I'm Doing

Well, I'm doing lots of things right now.

I'm transferring the images from my CF card. THAT MEANS PICTURES! I'm drinking a Moutain Dew. I'm listening to Jonas' speech therapy session out of my right ear and Dave Ramsey's introduction with my left. I'm reminding myself that I stink and need a shower. I'm not working today because my boss is attending the LifeLight Christian Concert today. I am also slobbering over the little square of townhouse that I can see out of the window directly to my left.

The townhouse that I can see will hopefully belong to one Rachel, Trevor, Andy, and Mabel family sometime in the next four weeks. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?!?!

(Also very cool - I can smell a scrapbook page a-comin' - is that whole best friends living next door to each other thing.)

I've had my eye on this townhouse ever since I started thinking about moving out here. It has a similar floorplan to Mindy's house. The townhouse has plenty of space for us. Four bedrooms. Uh-huh. You heard me. One for EACH KID. The master is big enough for my big-ass bed, too. Ohhhhh, I have missed my big-ass Tempur-Pedic bed. It has a family room downstairs where two of the bedrooms (the boys') and a big bathroom will be. Also a storage room (actually its an unfinished 5th bedroom) which I cannot WAIT to keep as empty as possible. Upstairs there is a kitchen, dining area, large living room with a slider and a deck, two more bedrooms, laundry, full guest bath and some closets.

And... *hangs head* I totally have a binder (divided by room) downstairs in my box dedicated solely to this townhouse. And now, look. God has provided. The neighbors have turned in their notice. Praise the Lord. Where was I? Oh yes, obsessive compulsive move-planning. Ahhhhh, moving. I LOVE MOVING. I'm not going to love having to pay for movers to move my things, but I'm really going to be ready once it gets here. The kids can't see straight; they are so excited.

So, that's enough rambling. Pictures soon.

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