August 30, 2008

I Pinky Swore

We' ve been busy.

We put up some corn with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. Twenty dozen ears worth. The kids were excellent shuckers. Don't I sound like an authentic Midwesterner? "Put up some corn." Eat your heart out, Iowans.

(*All photos in this blog post are SOOC because I wanted to get them posted before I became preoccupied with MOVING and my binder. And MOVING. Carry on.*)

This kid went and grew up on me. Stinker pulled two teeth out in one week. How is he in the second grade already?

Back to school shopping meant a new purple hat for Miss Moo. Mabel says, "Hi, Nanny!"

Jonas still thinks Moo is hilarious.

I have been channeling frustrations in another, creative and quite productive way. Introducing a new WIP.

What's an obsession without a friend to join you? Mindy's WIP-ing, too.

Andy turned six with a Kung Fu Panda cake. Totally darling.

Thanks for the camera, Nana!

The biggest event so far has been the start of school. The two second graders:

The two first graders (who are in the same class):

The school is so close we having been able to get some exercise. First day walking.

So, I held true to my pinky swear. I have updated photos. Mabel thinks that is cool. She thinks it especially coy that she is taking steps this week and knows that the next post will be ALL about HER.

Oh yeah, you heard me. I bet she'll have her new trick nailed by Monday.

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