August 23, 2008

Praying for Nie Nie

We're doing great here in Da Plains. I hope to have a photo update soon because Trevor has lost both front teeth and I don't think there could be anything cuter about him. Holy cow. And also, Nana is waiting to read an update. Hi, Nana!

So, the reason for this post is to compel you all to do something for someone else. The someone is Stephanie Nielson. She's a beautiful woman in Arizona who is happily married to a beautiful husband and who has four gorgeous kids (all under 6). She has a blog HERE and I just *love* it. She's so creative and motherly and crafy and talented. Last Saturday, Beautiful Stephanie and her husband were in a private plane crash and both were severely burned. It is still touch and go for Stephanie, though her husband Christian seems to be doing a bit better. I can't stop thinking about their little family. Both of the Neilsons need prayer. And please throw some prayer in for the four kids who are coping with mommy and daddy in the hospital (likely for months) for good measure. And if you're compelled to do more than pray, please consider donating to help cover medical bills. You can find a donation button on my sidebar. For future updates on how the Neilsons are doing, visit Stephanie's sister cjane's blog.


  1. It is such a small world. The Nielson's are friends of a friend of mine. And they are memebers of my church! Thanks for helping to raise money for them!

  2. Dear Rachel,
    dear dear Rachel,
    going through your posts brings me back to where I want to go. Jesus. And love. Thank you. From my heart.