September 15, 2008

Fishing Trip, Lips to Tail

The big kids had early release last Friday from school, so we were invited to join Lulu's clan for an afternoon of fishing at a local state park. The kids did not need licenses to fish; I did. I chose to be the photographer instead. Not that I don't like to fish; on the contrary I LOVE to fish. But I wasn't broken hearted. Because I love to take pictures more than I love to fish.

Moving on.

This would be a great spot to tell you the story of my cousin David who, during an August fishing trip, ripped the lips off of the bass he was trying to reel in. Thought it was the funniest thing I had ever heard as a child and my father (the BIG bass fisherman) dubbed David "fish lips" forever. The last time I went to a family reunion and asked about David, I was told that old fish lips had gotten married and had a baby. Good times.

And in case you were curious, the babies did not fish. Moo anxiously awaited all of the commotion, however. More on that in a moment.

This is the most gorgeous state park that we (they) fished in.

We set up on a dock. Uncle Roger had fetched us some live minnows earlier that afternoon.

Maddy was the first and second person to bring in a fish. In fact, she and her Papaw were the only people who brought in any fish at all.

There was lots of waiting for fish. LOTS of waiting. Trevor waited patiently, hoping something would grab his hook. Oh well on the fish, I love the waiting because I can take tons of top-of-the-head shots during waiting. I love top-of-the-head shots.

Andy was also waiting. First he waited patiently.

Then, after he watched Maddy pull out a fish beside him, he sulked over to another spot in which to fish.

Hmmm. Maybe if he turns and faces the other direction, the fish will come.

Nope. No fish. Maddy pulls out another. Then Mr. Thomas. Andy moved spots to be nearer to the action, but I could tell the waiting was taking its toll on his patience.

Finally, Andy got brave enough to reel in and inspect his hook. Just as he suspected.

"My guppy is DEAD! That's why I can't catch any fish!" he wailed. Yes, that's what happens when you reel them in over and over and over and don't just let them swim. Poor Andy.
While rebaiting Andy's hook, a minnow was placed in front of the Mooer. She was ecstatic. She kept trying to pincher that thing in her fingers. Lucky for the fish, he kept flopping around.

I rescued him shortly after this and returned him to the safety of Andy's hook.

Self portrait. I need my roots done.

So, about this time, Trevor feels he must, *must* be brave enough to bait his own hook with a minnow. He's plenty brave enough for worms, but the minnows were wriggly and jiggly.

Hesitant. Uncle Roger looks on and tells him to get it over with. "Just reach in there and get you one..."

*Giggle.* Looks like those minnows actually move.



Hmmm... Andy has an idea.

Andy's idea was to grab a handfull of "guppies" and throw them into the lake. This is a big no-no and nearly gave Mr. Thomas a coronary. Andy is demoted to worms.

Later when no one is looking (except Mom behind the camera lens), Trevor tries to educate Andy on minnows. Because he is now a professional minnow wrangler, you see.

Andy even stuck around long enough for Trevor to demonstrate putting the minnow on his hook. How's that for brotherly love. Caught ya.

So, the best part of the fishing trip was walking up off of the dock and seeing this.

Ohhhhhh.... no WAY were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas frying up the fish lakeside! Oh yes, they were! My heart did flip flops. (All I could think of was the numerous fish fries I attended as a child, about catfish and eggs for breakfast at Mary Helen's house, about helping my dad clean fish ALL the time.) I was too late to help (you bet I asked!), but in plenty of time to sample.

Trevor even ate himself several pieces of catfish.

What a great day.

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