September 23, 2008

Meet Olive

Olive joined our family today. She is 11 weeks old and *DARLING*. The kids are over the moon for her. Olive is from Iowa (Everyone say "ooooooohhh"). Olive, Mabel and I walked to school to pick up the boys today. She was ever so patient while she waited with Moo outside the front doors.

I can't stop snarfling her smooshed up nose. Or her bony toes. Or her belly freckles.


  1. So is little olive a french bulldog? She is so cute, Ditka has lots of belly freckles too!!

  2. We have 3 Boston Terriers, and love 'em! Well not Bella so much but they are great. Olive is a doll. I love the snowsuit get up. :)