September 10, 2008

A Post for Moo

Miss Mabel Rae is unbelievable. She has grown up so fast and is still so small. Her hippo-ness is disappearing. She is getting taller by the day and I just hope her little bubble butt doesn't disappear as well. I also am smacked with the loss of seeing her 24/7. I have really been alone (or mostly so) with her since I lost my job in April. What a blessing it has been to cuddle her and tickle and feed and change her. I got to love her up instead of having to ship her off to daycare. What a gift! And I love that baby girl so much I can't see straight. I remember this infant love that I had for the boys (which has now grown into 6 and 7 year old love, respectively). It is consuming and sickening sometimes. I wish I could bring her smooshy cheeks to work with me everyday.

Don't you wish you could, too?

Did I tell you all that the bottom of Mabel's hair is growing curls?

*Sigh.* Just when I thought it would be impossible for her to get more beautiful.

So, Aunt Mindy is watching Mabel while I work during the day. My 6 hour workday will be perfect for picking up Mabel from Lulu, then the boys from school, and then on to home for homework, dinner, baths and books/play/pirates/puppets, etc. and then bed. Right now Moo is busy keeping Mindy busy as she toddles all around the house looking for things to get into! The bookcase, cabinet of diapers and wipes, yarn balls, and quilting patterns are her most favorite things to investigate this week. Hi, Aunt Mindy! Love you! Thanks for watching me (run)!

Funny how those freshly bathed curls on each side resemble devil horns, isn't it?

Walking. Oh yes, I said she was walking.

I meant it. Look out, World! Mabel is on the loose! She's up to about 16 or 18 steps in a row before falling down on her duff. She likes to hear the crinkle of her diaper hit the floor.

In addition to rearing a hippopotamus and two monkeys (that would be the boys), I was keeping myself busy by quilting. I even promised to post some pictures of that WIP. Voila. This is that blasted bitch of a quilt I made a couple weeks ago (don't be offended; she earned her name outright, I swear to you). It's a pattern from the book Strip Happy and uses 4 jelly rolls. I did not buy jelly rolls. I was a genious (insert eye roll) and cut all of my own strips by hand. I should have known this would be a lot to take on when the directions included the words "advanced", "bias" and "one 562" long strip.". Perfect lesson in how I have to do things my way, the hard way, just to see what perfection I can cook up (I tell you I don't know where my kids get that from.)

Here it is with the squares fully assembled and laid out, ready for sewing into rows. This part had to move quickly to avoid stretching the triangles into oblivion. As in - had to sew the entire top in one day. And then spray it with starch. And then spray it some more. This quilt smells like potatoes, I put so much dang starch on it.

Once the top was connected into one piece, I had to sandwich it with my natural cotton (green!) batting and the backing. I used a bunch of scraps for my backing instead of buying a solid piece of fabric - might as well recycle fabrics I had already used and loved, right? Plus, I won't lie, I was SO sick of looking at this thing.

Then, I pinned it. It took 200 pins.

See that brown, orange, and yellow strip of flowery yumminess up there just above the pin in the above photo? This quilt stemmed from my need to use that fabric. I got it on sale at the quilt store, bought all they had, and would like to swaddle myself in it forever because that fabric is 100% memory of my Grandma Bertha. Something about her sheets or hair cap or afghans or I don't know what, but when I saw it I HAD TO HAVE IT FOREVER. Damn yummy fabric.

So now she sits, waiting for *Mary* to call me, ready to top quilt her up. I have her folded gently, afraid to look at her (and stretch the top) until she is all topquilted and safe. I will show an after photo when she gets back from Mary's house.

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