September 16, 2008

The Sky Is Bigger in Da Plains

I tell my mom all the time that the sky is bigger out here. I noticed it the first time I drove out in July, about midway through Wisconsin. The sky seemed to just... open up.

Imagine it. Instead of seeing smog and haze and building tops, or skyscrapers and sirens, imagine seeing nothing but God's blue sky every single time you look outside. Imagine that instead of seeing the beauty of the sun break through the clouds far away, you see the sun break through right over top of your head and cast its glory down onto your face. Heaven feels that close.

*This is the view from Lulu's balcony. Nothing but sky. You can see the two story homes and trees and streetlights, but the really just disappear.
At night, the moon is so big and so close in comparison to what I'm used to, I feel like I could reach out and grab it. The stars are brighter. I can find both of the dippers in .03 seconds - EVEN when it's a bit cloudy at night. They're just brighter. Closer. Bigger.

I feel like, out here, I'm closer to God. Odd, but totally true.

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