September 10, 2008

Sometimes You Just HANG ON

Wow. Our lives have changed a lot in the last several weeks. I am thrilled and scared and blessed and indebted to friends.

We have moved to South Dakota.

We are living with friends, on their kindness and gratitude.

We are living VERY frugally just now, as comfy shoes hasn't supported his children in months and I haven't collected my first paycheck yet.

The kids started a new school. They are very much feeling their way around in a new place right now. They need some latitude.

I have a new job, which I love. I continue to pray that I have listened to God's call correctly and that this new position is right for our family. I pray that the money meets the need.

I miss Judy. Like crazy. Much as living with your mama as an adult can drive you bonkers, man alive I miss my mama. Thank God for telephones and Northwest Airlines.

We will be moving the first week of October into our new home. We thought it was going to be the townhouse unit next door to Lulu, but that was not meant to be. Instead, it will be a similar unit located several blocks away. I think the distance will be good and give our kids their own territories and friends, while remaining close enough to call.

My mind is moving in a million different directions, the most blessed thing of all is that they are NEW directions and not occupied with the same worry that I've felt since last November. Comfy shoes' hold on me and my decisions and my thoughts and my LIFE is loosening. I feel free. I have been given permission to raise the kids here. To be an adult. To parent as I see fit. To tell Comfy Shoes to kiss my white ass. It was not easy moving out here (in many ways), but it was where God called our family.

Above much else I am grateful for the kindness of my family. First, my mother. She took us in for months and helped us grow and care for our new nuclear family (minus Daddy). She was there when we needed her most. And Aunt Mindy (a.k.a. Lulu), who took us in when we moved to South Dakota and is still putting us up and allowing us to displace her entire family by accident for another 3 weeks. Thank you, Lulu. Thanks will never say enough. And thank you to all of our other friends, to Becky, to those praying for us, to those who read my little blog and think of us from time to time.

More on the new digs soon.

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