September 26, 2008

We Saved You Some Cupcakes, Nana

Please observe the cupcake. I made them this afternoon - chocolate with pink frosting. It was a bit surreal, considering these are the exact cupcakes we were supposed to have for Mabel's welcome-baby-brunch. They've been a year in the making; life got in the way.

Anyway - I made them. They were fun, the kids helped, and they were yummy. On with the photos.

Aunt Mindy held Moo's hands while we all sang "Happy Birthday."

Time to dig in.

We saved you some cupcakes, Mom.

Would you believe my utter disappointment when I realized Mabel was done with her cupcake and was only this messy? A travesty! Totally unfair from a picture taking perspective.

So, I embellished a bit. Here is Mohawk 1:

A clear shot of some-other-kind-of Hawk 2:

Oops. I think I went too far.
Oh well. I bathed her and the curls came right back out.
*Sigh.* I can't BELIEVE she is one.

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