October 10, 2008

14 Hours Until Judy Hits the Plains

I'm laying here in front of my computer, on top of a quilt I bought at a yard sale for $2 and under a quilt that I made for... more than $2, on the floor of my new bedroom.

Trevor and Andy are snuggled in a tangled lump asleep on the floor in the basement, surrounded by the four quilts I made for them over the years.

Mabel is asleep in her pack and play in her new room. Poor girl hasn't really ever had her own room; I could count on one hand the number of times she slept in her pink room before we left the house.

Olive just settled down in the kitchen.

We're all here. In our new home.


Man, that feels nice. Am I scared shitless? Absolutely. Have I thought of everything? Definitely not. Am I prepared? I think so. And God knows of the immense trust in Him and His will that I have. Even now, as my furniture sits somewhere between Chicago and Da Plains. I know it will work out.

The mover update stands thus: I will receive a phone call before noon tomorrow telling me of the delivery time on Sunday. If I don't receive the call, I have to call the dispatcher by noon. *Shudders.* Oh Lord, please let my stuff show up on Sunday.

One last thanks to Lulu and her peeps for putting us up and putting up with us (same thing? no?) until we got settled into our new house. Thanks, Lulu!

Coming soon - pictures of Nana in Da Plains. She lands tomorrow and we are all excited!

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