October 26, 2008

Halloween is Coming, Part 1

I love Autumn. It is my very favorite season. I love the cider smells, the newly-sharpened school pencils, the leaves blowing around, though I am not particularly fond of the super-blustering of South Dakota. Anyway, Autumn brings with it Halloween, which I also love.

Andy's 1st grade class carved pumpkins on a Friday and Andy was invited to have a special helper this year. His name was Neal. Neal is an Iraqi/Afghanistan war veteran with the U.S. Army who sometimes volunteers with the school. So Neal and Andy carved up a pumpkin. Trevor naturally wanted to carve his pumpkin as well, so we did just that!

A vampire pumpkin.
Andy was adamant about saving the seeds for roasting. Little does the kid know, his mom reads The Pioneer Woman and was already planning to roast seeds this year at her urging. (We used Seasoning Salt and they were delicious!)

Moo was just planning to look cute. She didn't enjoy the seeds but did think it was fun to squarsh her fingers around in the pumpkin pulp before roasting.

Since Andy had already carved his pumpkin at school, he was otherwise occupied while Trevor and I carved, rinsed, and roasted. He whiled away the time snarfing on a freshly rinsed Olive.

... and looking wiggety-wiggety-wack.

Olive isn't sure what to think of things, but she knows she's adorable.

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