October 14, 2008

Inhale... RELEASE

Oh Holy Jesus, thank you so much for the delivery of our homegoods. You have answered our prayers in plenty.

The movers arrived last night at 9:15. As in P.M. They weren't done until almost midnight. And I have to tell you something. They could have shown up at quarter past midnight and I'd still have invited them in and thrown a party. They brought load after load in, all the while the boys went NUTSO at the sight of the toys left behind at the house when we moved in with Nana. "Look, Twevor... our Star Wars ship! It's the Miwennium Falcon!"

So far, I've arranged the living room, the dining room, and the bedrooms. By arrange, I mean furniture only. I haven't filled a single drawer yet. The kitchen is nearly done.

Judy is thrilled to finally have a place to sit other than the floor. And I am thrilled to have a bed to sleep in that is also not the floor.

Lots of stuff is jumbled up and I won't even talk about my closet. I'm thrilled to have something that is my very own to decide on and decorate. Beyond excited. But I am a bit stumped because my style pre-divorce and my style post-divorce is quite a bit different. Traditional vs. Mid-Century Modern; that's quite a gap. While I am thrilled to have anything to call my own, I'm working on a way to make the old, new again.

The family room/playroom downstairs is a complete mess, but the kids are having a terrific amount of fun. Both boys fell fast asleep last night just after midnight. Trevor passed out within seconds and after a prayer of blessing and a nightlight, Andy Roo was out, too.

Moo was mildly disturbed in her new room while the movers assembled her crib in about 6 minutes flat. She was entertained and then went right back to sleep once she was laid inside. Made my heart happy to see her there, with her butt high up in the air.

More to come...

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  1. There is nothing like getting into a freshly made bed in a chaotic moving mess, because you have a place to put your body to recharge for the rest of the boxes. When we moved that is the first thing that was put together, so no matter how late I stayed up unpacking I knew I would have a place to go and sleep.